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What Channel is Reelz on Spectrum? [Updated 2022]

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Reelz on Spectrum: Hey Spectrum users, do you know one thing? Now, you can easily get the Reelz channel on your Spectrum streaming service. Yeah! It is achievable with our upcoming guide. Hereafter, there is not necessary to search for the Reelz channel on your channel lineup. So here we are going to show you the simplest method to get the Reelz channel on your Spectrum service.

About Reelz

Reelz is one of the American cable and satellite television networks that is controlled through the company of Hubbard Broadcasting. Indeed, the Reelz channel is popular for its shows like mysterious celebrity homicides, Hollywood gossip, and so on. As of now, you can get a lot of shows like Awards ceremonies, Miniseries, Netflix programs, and originals.

With Reelz, you can get plenty of collections such as Demons in the City of Angels, Hollywood’s Top Ten, Murder in the Family with Geraldo Rivera, Hollywood Scandals, Women on Death Row, and much more. Also, Reels is compatible with your Sling TV as well as Spectrum service, so you can easily stream all your favorite Reelz shows on the big screen without any hassle using its active subscription.

About Spectrum

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Spectrum is one of the streaming services which offers internet and telephone services too, it is the child of Charter Communications. With Spectrum, you can get numerous content like shows, movies, originals, and so on. For example, you can stream shows from Spectrum like Side Games, Mad About You, Angela Black, The Resident, La Brea, New Amsterdam, The Flash, The Equalizer, and much more. 

Spectrum is a subscription-based streaming service which offers three different types of plans to its users. They are,

  • Spectrum TV Select – It is a basic plan which offers 125+ channels to its users. The subscription cost of this plan is $44.99 for a month.
  • Spectrum TV Silver – The Silver plan provides 175+ channels to its subscribers for $69.99 a month. You can also go for the annum plan as per your wish.
  • Spectrum TV Gold – It is a Premium plan. With Spectrum TV Gold, you can get 200+ channels for $89.99 a month.

You can also get more features with the subscription by purchasing add-ons. But, remember, the above-mentioned subscription details may differ in the future. So, before going to subscribe to the Spectrum TV service, kindly check out their official website to get the exact subscription details.

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What Channel is Reelz on Spectrum?

Certainly, you can get Reelz service on your desirable device with the help of Spectrum streaming service. In this portion, we are going to explore the channel number of your Reelz, which helps you to stream all your favorites effortlessly.

Reelz on Spectrum

What Channel is Reelz on Spectrum?

As we mentioned above, Reelz has a dedicated channel on your streaming service. So, finding the Reelz channel from your channel lineup is quite easy. Moreover, we are going to include the channel number of the Reelz channel in the below-given guide. 

Streaming service: Spectrum

Channel Name: Reelz

Airing on: 

  • Reno, NV –> 173, 849
  • New York, NY –> 128
  • Orlando, FL –> 354
  • Los Angeles, CA –> 117, 817

Popular Shows from Reelz

You can watch plenty of shows with Reelz. In this order, here we are going to see some popular shows from Reelz like Breaking the Band, Celebrity Damage Control, Hollywood Scandals, The Price of Fame, and so on.

  • Cold Case Files

Cold Case Files is one of the shows which is created by Kurtis Productions, Ltd. And it is cast by Danny Glover and Bill Kurtis. It has seven seasons and 162 episodes, such as Pilot Episode, The Boy and the Monster/Secret in the Cellar, The Texas Drifter/The Fingerprint File/’Rose’ Among Thorns, The Answer in the Box/Maternal Instinct, The Hunter Homicides/The Skulls Of Stanley Park, Through Eyes of a Child/The Killer Next Door, One Night on the Bayou/The Buckeye Misdemeanor and much more.

  • The Countdown

You can stream the Countdown movie on the Reelz service, which has a 5.4 IMDb rating. It is one of the American Supernatural horror films which is written and directed by Justin Dec. Starring in The Countdown is Tom Segura, Peter Facinelli, Tichina Arnold, Jordan Calloway, Anne Winters, P.J. Byrne, Talitha Bateman, Elizabeth Lail, and more. 

  • The Kennedys: After Camelot

It is one of the Reelz shows, which is also known as The Kennedys: Decline and Fall. This show was cast by Matthew Perry, Alexander Siddig, Katie Holmes, and more. As of now, it airs two episodes, namely Family Bonds and New Beginnings. The Family Bonds is written by Stephen Kronish and directed by Jon Cassar. The New Beginnings is directed by Katie Holmes & Jon Cassar, and it is written by Sandra Chwialkowska & Stephen Kronish. The IMDb rating of the Kennedys: After Camelot is 6.3. 


Is Reelz available on Spectrum?

Of course, you can access the Reelz channel on your existing Spectrum streaming service without any restrictions. Luckily, Reelz has a dedicated channel on your TV provider’s service, so finding it from your channel lineup is quite easy.

How much does Spectrum cost?

Spectrum is one of the subscription-based streaming services which offers a lot of shows from different genres. You can get three different types of subscription plans, namely, Select, Silver, and Gold. It offers various features as per the plan cost, so choose your favorite one and subscribe to it to access all your desired Spectrum content without any limitations.


Now, you can stream all your favorite Reelz shows on the big screen using your existing streaming service. Luckily, Reelz has a dedicated channel on the Spectrum service, so finding and streaming its shows on the big screen is quite easy.

Through the article mentioned above, you will get the channel number to find Reelz from your channel lineup. Make use of it to enjoy all your desired Reelz shows without any restrictions. We hope it will help you to enjoy all your favorites from Reelz’s shows without any complications. Check out our website under the Spectrum streaming service to get more channels on your existing streaming service.

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