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Reelz on Cox

What Channel is Reelz on Cox? [2022]

Reelz on Cox: Let’s add more fun to your regular life, relaxation is one of the best therapies. In that case, today we are going to see one entertainment destination where you can get thousands of collections. Yeah! It is Reelz, which provides a lot of entertainment collections to its users.

Moreover, now, you can access all your desired Reelz shows on the Cox service with our guide. Here we are going to discuss the Reelz channel and its availability on your TV provider service. So, let’s dive into the write-up to enjoy all your favorite Reelz shows on your desirable device with the help of the Cox streaming service. 

About Reelz

Reelz is an American satellite television network which is also known as the Reelz channel, and it is controlled by the company of Hubbard Broadcasting. With Reelz, you get numerous collections such as Celebrity Damage Control, Charles Manson’s Bloodline, Gangsters: America’s Most Evil, How to Survive a Murder, Scandal Made Me Famous, Celebrity Legacies, and much more. Besides, it offers a lot of entertainment-oriented content, theatrical films, and so on. Reelz is compatible with Philo, DirecTV Stream, and Sling TV. 

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About Cox

Cox is an American cable television provider which is the third-largest cable provider in the United States. It offers Business Services, Broadband Internet, Wireless, Home Security, Gigablast Fiber, VoIP, and more. You can access the Cox service in various areas like Arizona, California, Washington, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Massachusetts, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, Island, and so on. With Cox, you can get a lot of channels from all genres like HBO Max, ESPN, NBC, and much more. 

When we come to its subscription, it is a service that offers plenty of channels to its subscribers without emptying their wallets. Cox offers four different types of subscription plans, namely Contour TV Starter, Contour TV Preferred, Contour TV Preferred Plus, and Contour TV Ultimate.

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  • Contour TV Starter

With this Starter pack, you can get 75+ channels like NBC, CBS, PBS, Fox, and so on. Also, you can access Netflix, Peacock, and Prime Video too. The subscription cost of Counter TV Starter is $53.00 for a month.

  • Contour TV Preferred

You can get 140+ channels with this Preferred pack, such as USA, ESPN, HGTV, and so on. Also, it will allow you to access apps like Prime Video, Peacock, Netflix, and so on. In addition, you can enjoy popular cable shows too. When it comes to its subscription fee, it costs $98.00 for a month.

  • Counter TV Preferred Plus

The Preferred Plus pack includes 170+ channels like popular cable channels, top networks, and premium channels such as Starz, HBO Max, and so on. Additionally, you can access Netflix, Peacock, and Prime Video. The subscription cost of Counter TV Preferred Plus is $118.00 for a month.

  • Counter TV Ultimate

It is a premium package that offers 250+ channels to its subscribers, such as Cleo TV, NFL Network, Disney Junior, and much more. In addition, you can get local channels, cable TV channels, Premium channels, and so on. The subscription cost of Counter TV Ultimate is $138.00 for a month. 

Kindly check out the Cox website before subscribing to it. Because the subscription mentioned above may vary in the future.

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What Channel is Reelz on Cox?

Streaming all your desired Reelz shows without leaving your couch is possible. Also, Reelx is available on your existing streaming service, so you can stream all your favorites using the direct method. But, when it is come to finding a certain channel among thousands of channels is a little tricky. In that situation, how can you find your favorite channel from the channel lineup? Relax, we are here for you, now, you can easily access your desired channel on your Cox service.

Reelz on Cox
What Channel is Reelz on Cox?

Here we are going to reveal the channel number of your favorite channel on your TV provider service. So, keep reading the upcoming guide without skipping to enjoy all Reelz shows on the big screen hassle-free. You can find the Reelz channel on your Cox service at, 

Streaming service: Cox

Channel Name: Reelz 

Airing On: 736

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Popular Shows on Reelz

With Reelz, you can get a lot of shows. So, in this order, we are going to see some popular shows in this portion. 

  • Gangsters: America’s Most Evil

The Gangsters: America’s Most Evil is one of the shows from Reelz. This show is created by Asylum Entertainment and stars Cornell Womack and Tim Hopper. As of now, it telecast five seasons and 40 episodes, such as Juan Raul Garza: The First Kingpin, The Ultimate Outlaw: Harry “Taco” Bowman, The Godmother: Griselda Blanco, The Mayor of Harlem: Albert “Alpo” Martinez, Machine Gun Johnny: Johnny Eng, King Blood: Luis Felipe, Anthony Shea, and The No-Name Gang and so on.

  • Mobsters

The Mobsters series is airing on Reelz from 2007 April 3 to 2012 September 4, with an 8.2 IMDb rating. It is one of the American documentary television series which is cast by Selwyn Raab and Ernest Volkman. It has four seasons and 49 episodes like Jack Ruby, Sam Giancana, Louis Lepke, Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, Bugsy Siegel, Jimmy Hoffa, Genovese: Portrait of a Crime Family, Frank Costello, Joseph “The Rat” Valachi, Meyer Lansky, AI Capone, Vinnie “The Chin” Gigante, Joe Bonanno and so on. You can also use your Amazon Prime Video’s Premium subscription to stream Mobsters’ episodes on your desirable devices.

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Through the write-up mentioned above, you can learn the procedure to find all your Reelz favorites on your existing Cox streaming service. Fortunately, Cox offers the Reelz channel to its subscribers, so you can directly find and stream all Reelz shows on your desirable device without any restrictions.

In addition, we mention the channel number of your Reelz to enjoy all your favorites effortlessly. So, make use of our guide to stream Reelz content on the Cox streaming service. Also, you can find more interesting channels on your existing TV provider service with our guide by checking out our website under the Cox category.

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Is Reelz compatible with Cox?

Luckily, streaming your desired Reelz shows on the big screen with the help of the Cox streaming service is possible. Moreover, Reelz has a respective channel on your existing TV provider service. So, you can directly find the channel from the channel lineup and stream all your Reelz favorites without any restrictions.

How much does Cox cost?

Cox is one of the subscription-based streaming services where you find found plenty of collections from all genres. You can get four different types of subscription plans with Cox service, also, it will offer various features as per the plan. They are, 

  • Contour TV Starter
  • Contour TV Preferred
  • Contour TV Preferred Plus
  • Contour TV Ultimate

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