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How to Enable Reddit Dark Mode on Android, iPhone and Web browsers?

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Hey peeps! Are you looking to turn up your Reddit into a grayish screen? What is the gray screen? It is nothing but enabling the dark mode. The more you use dark mode, the more you will get the benefit. Yes. If you are nighttime users who spend much time on the Reddit community, dark mode is an essential feature for you.

For those users who all have waited for native Reddit dark mode, it is out now. As many handheld devices compatible with Reddit, not everyone knew the way to access night mode. This article will guide you to turn up the Reddit night mode feature on a variety of browsers.

The gist of Reddit

Reddit is a news aggregation community. It allows you to post your thoughts in the form of images, videos, news, and more. Along with that, you can add the subreddits under the main thread. Additionally, it helps you stay always updated with current affairs. Just like Facebook and Instagram, you can keep feed news and update you as per the trend. All the viral news will be located on the first page of the Reddit community.

How to Turn ON the dark mode on Reddit?

If you have frequent use with the Reddit platform, you might know the whity shining background of Reddit. The white theme is more than enough in the daytime. But, what about the nighttime? It will distract you. Right?

Reddit Dark Mode

How to Enable Reddit Dark mode

Luckily, the Redditors, who use the latest version of Reddit, have the biggest eye treat. You people can work with dark mode on the Reddit interface. Don’t you know how to enable it? Continue to read this post to put a dark screen for your window.


Firstly, get into any of the web browsers that you have. If you already have the Reddit account, open it. Or else, search for the Reddit application.


Next, Install it on your device and Launch Reddit. Then, Give the login credentials. Next, navigate your access to tap the Downward arrow located at the top-right corner of the screen.


Here, scroll a bit to land on the Night Mode. At last, make the toggle button blue to turn your screen black.

Now you can start to share your post or scroll the news for the overall night. Reddit night mode will pave the way to work with a retina-friendly environment.

How to Enable on Reddit Night mode on web browsers?

For Google Chrome users,


Head into the Google Chrome browser. Search for the Reddit website.


Next, tap the login button and proceed with Reddit account details.


After that, hit the profile (Avatar icon). In the list of options find out the dark mode option.


Now, the Reddit Dark mode is successfully enabled on the Chrome browser.

How to Enable Reddit Night mode on Android & iOS devices?

As we have pocket-friendly smartphones, the usage of applications is more. Reddit application on a mobile platform will simplify your way. Regardless of the operating system, enabling the dark mode feature is quite similar in both. Let see how to enable Reddit dark mode on iOS and Android smartphones.

For Android Reddittors,


Initially, Visit the Google Play Store. Here, purchase the Reddit app for free. Soon, launch the app on your smartphone.


The next step is, entering your Reddit login details in the appropriate column. After get into the Reddit app, see the top left corner to hit the avatar icon.


It will list outs all the available menus. Then, Scroll down to the bottom of the list to find the settings option.


Here, you can see the night mode option with a moon-shaped icon. It is the place to enable dark mode on Android devices.


Just toggle the night mode button, and make use of the feature.

For iPhone Reddittors,


First off, Take your iPhone and get the Reddit app from the App store. Open the app. On the first screen, give the correct Reddit account login details.


Here, tap the avatar picture as you did in the Android systems. Now, the screen displays a list of options. From here, look at the settings section.


In the end, Hit the moon-shaped icon to enable the Reddit night mode on your iPhone.


How to disable the Night Mode on Reddit?

If you don’t want to use the night mode feature in the daytime, you can easily disable the feature. The process of enabling and disabling Night mode can be done in the same place. Do follow the steps stated in the article till you reach the Night mode option. After that, just tap the toggle button to turn off night mode.

Why can’t I turn on Night mode on Reddit?

Sometimes, the users haven’t noticed that the automatic mode is enabled in the Reddit app. In such cases, navigate into the settings section of the Reddit app. Here you can change the automatic settings for dark mode. To do that, set the automatic option available under the night mode section.

Final Verdict

Apart from the blackish theme, it gives more benefits to your health and vision. Few clicks to enable the night mode on Reddit gives you complete rid from eye strains thereafter. Moreover, all the methods stated in this article may slightly vary to the devices accordingly.

But, everything is closely similar to one another. You can either use Reddit on browsers or compact devices. At the same time, don’t forget to utilize this fruitful night mode feature at your bedtime.

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