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Best 3 Rabbit Alternatives which you can use in 2022 [Sites like]

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In this Alternative guide, User can get to know about the Best Sites like or Best Rabbit Alternatives to use in 2020 to watch all your favorite movies, Videos, and Dramas.

Rabbit website, also known as the is a mobile application and video streaming website. We can find a specific feature where a group of people can watch the same videos despite the places they rely on it. We can create our room where we can include our close friends. We can also create a public group so that anyone can join us. They use the rabbit cast, which helps in the streaming over varied websites like YouTube, Google, Netflix, etc. This website was initiated in 2014. It also provides us with the facility of group chat, video calls, and so on as regular social media. It uses google chrome as its essential initiator. The website closed its functioning entirely in 2019.

Best Rabbit Alternatives 2020

Rabbit Alternatives

Best Rabbit Alternatives

            But there are numerous other rabbit alternatives which are highly preferable. These rabbit alternatives also help us with almost similar features, that are provided by Some of the essential rabbit alternatives are given below;

  • Two seven
  • Watch2gether
  • Meta stream
  • Netflix party
  • Airtime
  • my
  • Syncplay
  • Rave
  • Share Tube
  • AnimeParty 
  • Parsec
  • Synclounge
  • Kosmic
  • Simulcast
  • Kast

Rabbit closed its website by handing it over to the vast website, which is one of the Best rabbit alternatives. Kast website gave assertion to bring up its features as if of a rabbit. But so far it had not reached the destination. Now let’s discuss some of these rabbit alternatives. 

Two seven – Best Rabbit Alternatives

            This website is one of the vital rabbit alternatives for its excellence of no latency. The webcam is accessible on this website, whereas others don’t support such functioning. 

  • It offers endless streaming platforms without interrupting life, watching visuals and experience. 
  • The users can express their face reaction through the service of webcam. 
  • We can watch numerous videos and contents without restrictions.
  • Chrome extension helps in this process of availability of large streamings platforms. 
  • Users can watch videos and content on various sites like Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Videos, and so on. 
  • We can also chat with the members of the group, whom we should select prior. 


Watch2gether – Rabbit Alternatives

            This Rabbit alternative gives us multi-handed usage. It is similar to that of other options. But the users cannot access the support of webcam and audio messages. 

  • We can listen to music, watch content and in addition do online shopping at the same time. 
  • The users can make use of the Gif in chats. 
  • It supports only some countable sites like SoundCloud, Amazon, and YouTube. 
  • The users cannot stream in some popular websites, for instance, Netflix. 
  • We should choose to watch content that are available with high uploading speed. 
  • Advertisements can be seen mostly in the free version.


Airtime – Sites Like

            There is no other sites Like that can be used in smartphones instead of airtime for it serves to be the best of all

  • We can make use of stickers and audio messages. We can also send Gifs in the chat.
  • It also provides us with the feature of audio commentary simultaneously with the media playback. 
  • The user can watch YouTube videos and listen to music at the same time. 
  • The chat consists of numerous features like animated stickers that create interest in group chatting. 
  • Ten members are allowed in each room on this website. 
  • We can, in addition to chat send pictures, clippings, and short videos even while watching the content.


To conclude

We are provided with numerous alternatives, even though the rabbit website got shut down. Though most of them are trying hard to make their features well defined as, they had not yet touched the cliff. Some of the Sites like alternatives explained above are most recommended for the better experience of content sharing.

They provide us with better quality and features with fewer interruptions. They also help us to enjoy ourselves with our friends and family who are separated by the boundaries of distance. Some of the websites also provide access to the sharing of contents that are offline and saved in a particular PC. But most of us prefer to watch the streaming contents in groups for there arise a discussion and thrill of excitement.

Thus these rabbit alternatives help us the most to have a better content sharing experience. Also, If you are in need of any Alternatives guide, visit

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