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How to Quote Someone on Discord? [Simple Guide]

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Quote Someone on Discord: Hey People! Do you ever face difficulties to replay someone in Discord Server? Mostly, the Discord server has thousands of members. Because of a large number of members, our server messages were quickly chaotic. You cannot find a person and reply to their messages easily.

In this case, how could you reply to the messages? Stop worrying about it. Hereafter, you need not bother about the individual messages on the Discord server. Because here is one of the best solutions is available to reply simply. Are you excited to know the trick? If yes, continue reading this article to the end to know more simple tricks to reply to someone on the Discord server.

In this article, we are going to discuss two different types of replying methods. One is a Built-in option, the other one is Text Format commands. The Text formatting commands method has many options to make your reply more simple. To learn more simple procedures, let’s dive into the article without waiting.

How to Quote Someone on Discord using Reply Function? 

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One of the easiest as well as effective ways is the reply function option. In Discord, it is an in-built feature. There is no need to install any application, you can directly do this. To reply to someone on your Discord Server, follow the below guidance. 

Quote Someone on Discord

How to Quote Someone on Discord?

Step 1:

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Firstly, go to your Discord Server.

Step 2:

Now, go to the message that you want to reply to.

Step 3:

Then, select the three dots and you will get a Reply option, click on it.

Step 4:

After that, type the message and click on the Send button.

It is an easy procedure. But, here are some other simple ways available to reply on Discord.

How to Quote Someone using Text Formatting Commands?

You can use some other ways to reply to someone on your Discord Server. Among those, Text Formatting Commands is one of them. Also, it depends upon the commands only. So, you can do reply with simple commands. Here, we are going to see two kinds of commends. To learn the process, read the below instructions

Using “>” to reply to someone

You can use the “> ” symbol to quote someone on your chat.

  • Before starting the message, just type > symbol.
  • Then, send the message.

Also, you can quote numerous sentences with one click. Just click on the Shift and Enter button at the time. It will quote multiple lines automatically. 

For example,

> Hello World!

Using Code Block to quote someone

Code Block is another way to reply the messages easily. It is also a simple option. You can use your keyboard to do this method. Basically, Code Block will come with ” “`” “. So, you can do this with your keyboard without any difficulties. You can see the Esc button on your keyboard at your left corner. Below the Esc, you can see the ` button. 

For instance

“`Hello People!”`

How to Quote Someone on Discord using Quote bot?

Now, Quote Bots are available which makes easy the reply process. Also, you can easily access the bot, it is user-friendly. But, before doing this you have to install the BetterDiscord on your device. To install the BetterDiscord, you can use our simple guide How to Download Install BetterDiscord? 

After that, add the Quote bot to your Discord server and access it on your Discord. Normally, every bot has different comments to function. Likewise, Quote Bot also has the specified command. With the command, you can easily quote someone on your discord.


Discord is a wide platform, it has millions of users. Also, you can join any server without any restrictions. On this server, you can easily quote someone with our guides. Quoting is one of the best options to escape from disordered chat. There are numerous options are available to reply to someone’s message on the Discord server. We taught some simple methods to quote someone, you can use them to reply to someone easily. 

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