How to Get Quibi on Roku?

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Quibi is a mobile video streaming service that delivers the short-form videos to your devices. The name Quibi refers to  Quick and Bites which means the shows available in this service will run between 6 to 10 minutes. This service is available in the US, Canada, United Kingdom (limited) Australia(limited), and Germany (limited). This streaming platform offers 50+ scripted, unscripted, and daily shows. This premium streaming service is specially designed for Andriod and iOS. However, many Quibi users asked us, whether it is no available on Roku or not. That’s why we made this guide, This guide will show you the steps to get Quibi on Roku.

About Quibi

Quibi is the American OTT video streaming platform that allows the user to watch the original movies in chapters. In addition to movies, this streaming service also offers short comedies, dramas, reality shows, documentaries, news, and more. Quibi offers more than 175+ shows and 8,500 Quick Bites. Watch shows like Survive, Most Dangerous Game, Thanks A Million, Chrissy’s Court, Murder House Flip, Last Night’s Late Night, The Replay by ESPN, and many more on Quibi. Dozens of new shows will be released every week.

How much does Quibi Cost?

The subscription plan for Quibi varies depends on your country. Quibi subscription is worth for your money.

For U.S

It offers two plans

  • Basic Plan costs $4.99/ month with ads
  • Premium Plan costs $7.99/ month without ads

For U.K

It costs £ 7.99 / month for streaming Quibi in the United Kingdom.

For Australia

It costs AU $ 12.99 / month for watching Quibi.

Along with this Quibi also offers 90 days free trail for new users.

Is Quibi on Roku?

Quibi on Roku
How to Get Quibi on Roku?

As we already said that Quibi is the mobile focussed streaming platform that is specially designed for Andriod and iOS users. Unfortunately, Quibi is not available on the Roku Channel Store at the moment. Right now, The owners of Quibi has been in talks with Roku and Amazon Fire TV. As of now, the Roku and Quibi have not signed any agreement. In the future, you can expect Quibi on Roku.

Can I watch Quibi on Roku?

Even though the app is made for smartphones, you can watch all the Quibi contents on your Roku connected TV by using screen mirroring. If you are desperate to use Quibi on Roku, cast the contents on your Roku connected TV. As of now, the Quibi is only available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The only way to watch Quibi on Roku is by the screen mirroring.

How to Sign UP and Subscribe for Quibi?

Before casting the Quibi contents on your Roku, you need to sign up for Quibi. For that, follow the below steps carefully.

Step1: Download the Quibi app on your smartphone.

Step2: Launch the Quibi on your smartphone.

Step3: Tap the Start 90-Day Free Trial.

Step4: Enter your valid Email ID for Quibi Sign Up.

Step5: Followed by, set your password for Quibi account.

Step6: On the next page, your payment process will open.

Step7: Enter your card details and subcribe to it.

For the first 90 days, you will not be charged. After that, your subscription plan starts.

Steps to cast Quibi on Roku?

Follow the below steps to cast Quibi on your device.

Step1: First of all, connect your Smartphone and Roku to same wifi.

Connect to the same Wi-Fi connection.
Connect to the same Wi-Fi connection.

Step2: Boot up your Roku.

Step3: For casting, we need to enable screen mirroring.

Step4: Press the Home button on your Roku remote.

Step5: On the home page, choose settings.

Step6: Inside settings, choose the system option.

System Option on Roku
System Option on Roku

Step7: On the system, select the screen mirroring.

Step8: In the screen mirroring, choose screen mirroring mode.

Click on the Screen Mirroring Mode on Roku
Click on the Screen Mirroring Mode on Roku

Step9: Next, choose the prompt option and click OK. Now, the Roku device is ready for casting.

Step10: Go to your smartphone.

Step11: Swipe down your notification bar

Step12: Choose cast option.

Cast Icon on Smartphone
Cast Icon on Smartphone

Step13: It will start to browse and shows the nearby available devices.

Step14: In that, choose your Roku connected TV.

Select your Roku device name on your device
Select your Roku device name on your device

Step15: After connected to Roku, you can see your phone screen on your TV.

Step16: Open the Quibi app on your smartphone.

Step17: Choose your favorite show and watch it on the big screen.

Will Quibi Support Roku in the Future?

As of now, we can’t tell if Quibi will bring its service on other devices. It is expected to arrive on the streaming platforms in the future. The founder of Quibi Jeffrey Katzenberg has been in talks with Roku about building native apps for their connected TV platforms. Talks with Roku has been still in the very early stage.

Right now, you can enjoy Quibi on Roku by using the screen mirroring method. This application allows the subscribers to watch in-between moments like coffee time, bathroom breaks, office interval, launch break, traveling time, and more.

Popular Shows on Quibi

  • Flipped
  • Most Dangerous Game
  • Survive
  • When the Streetlights Go On 
  • Chrissy’s Court
  • Dishmantled
  • Fierce Queens
  • Gayme Show!
  • Gone Mental with Lior
  • I Promise
  • Memory Hole
  • Murder House Flip
  • NightGowns
  • Nikki Fre$h
  • Prodigy
  • Punk’d
  • Run This City
  • Shape of Pasta
  • Singled Out
  • Skrrt with Offset
  • Thanks A Million
  • The Sauce
  • You Ain’t Got These
  • Around the World by BBC News
  • Weather Today by The Weather Channel
  • Morning Report by NBC News
  • Evening Report by NBC News
  • Saturday Report by NBC News
  • Sunday Report by NBC News
  • The Replay by ESPN
  • Newsday by CTV
  • Newsnight by CTV
  • Sports AM by TSN
  • Pulso News by Telemundo
  • For the Cultura by Telemundo
  • Close Up by E! News
  • Fresh Daily by Rotten Tomatoes
  • Speedrun by Polygon
  • Pop5 by iHeartRadio
  • No Filter by TMZ: AM
  • No Filter by TMZ: PM
  • Last Night’s Late Night
  • All The Feels by The Dodo
  • The Daily Chill
  • The Rachel Hollis Show
  • Sexology by Shan Boodram
  • The Nod with Brittany & Eric
  • Trailers by Fandango

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