How to install and Watch Quibi on Firestick

How to Download and Install Quibi on Firestick in a Minute? [Updated]

At present, people choose watching movies and web series at home, like work from home it has become watch from home. Knowing this, App developers try to provide people with Apps at a reasonable price to watch movies and series. Quibi is one such rollout. This application is on trend currently. I hope this article answers all the questions related to Quibi App installation and usage on Firestick. Quibi has joined hands with various productions by spending millions and millions of money, to provide their subscribers with up-to-date new content. To retain their subscribers Quibi tries to provide all fresh videos through its partnership with various productions. Learn more about Quibi on Firestick in the below.

About Quibi

Quibi is termed on the basis of two words “Quick” and “Bites”. It is an American OTT application. This application can be used in the form of a subscription. Quibi provides its subscribers with short content videos with a duration of 10 minutes or less than it. The 90-days free trial feature of this application is the reason for the application’s trend.

It is an application for thorough entertainment for all ages of people which provides new video content daily. Through this service, all can enjoy watching films, documentaries, reality shows, news, and what-not. Quibi team divides a single movie into many units of 10-minute videos. This episodic form excites the viewers even in the dumb scene of a movie.

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Is Quibi available on Firestick?

Quibi App is specially designed and developed for mobile phones both Android and iOS. Being a mobile OTT platform it doesn’t support any other device such as tablets. So, Quibi is not available on Firestick or Apple TV. To enjoy watching short content videos, one shall install Quibi App on Firestick by sideloading.

Quibi Subscription

     The cost of the Quibi application changes from country to country.

  • USA Users – $4.99 per month ( with ads) and $7.99 per month ( without ads).
  • UK Users – £7.99 per month.
  • Australian Users – AU $ 12.99 per month.

This is applicable after the 90-days free trial period.

How to Signup for Quibi?

The only way to use Quibi App in Android and iOS is by downloading and installing Quibi from Playstore or Appstore.

Step 1. Search and Download the Quibi App from the Playstore or Appstore.

Step 2. After downloading, open the Quibi App on your device.

Step 3. Select 90-days free trial.

Step 4. Then enter your mail address and select Next to signup.

Step 5. Enter your password and select Next.

Step 6. Enter your year of birth and gender.

Step 7. Next, the Quibi free trial window appears.

Step 8. Select 90-days free trial. Then, the following notification appears, “on completion of 90-days you have to subscribe for $4.99”.

How to Install Quibi on Firestick?

Right now, Quibi is available only in Playstore and Appstore. At present, Quibi can be used on Firestick only by sideloading. The sideloading can be done in two different ways

  • Downloader App
  • ES File Explorer
How to install and Watch Quibi on Firestick
How to install and Watch Quibi on Firestick

How to Download Quibi on Firestick using Downloader?

Step 1. Switch on Firestick.

Step 2. Go to Settings.

Step 3. Settings>> My Fire tv or Devices.

Step 4. Select Developer option.

Step 5. Enable Apps from Unknown Sources.

Step 6. Return to homepage.

Step 7. Open Downloader App.

Step 8. Click Start.

Step 9. Copy and Paste the Quibi URL in the URL box and select Go.

Step 10. Quibi App on Firestick download is on process.

Step 11. Quibi App asks for Installation Permission.

Step 12. Select Install.

Step 13. After Installation, select Done.

Quibi App is successfully installed.

How to Download Quibi on Firestick using ES File Explorer?

To enjoy Quibi App from ES Explorer, follow the following instructions:

Step 1. Select the Downloader option in the main page of the application.

Step 2. Select +New button at the bottom of the page.

Step 3. In the Route tab, Enter the Quibi URL in the URL box.

Step 4. In the name bar type Quibi and select Download now.

Step 5. Open and install Quibi App after downloading it.

Popular Quibi Shows on Firestick

Quibi Series

  • When the Streetlights Go On
  • Flipped
  • NightGowns
  • Chrissy’s Court
  • You Ain’t Got These
  • Dishmantled
  • Murder House Flip
  • Most Dangerous Game
  • Memory Hole

Daily Updates

  • Around the World by BBC News
  • Weather Today by The Weather Channel
  • Morning Report by NBC News
  • Evening Report by NBC News
  • Saturday Report by NBC News
  • Sunday Report by NBC News
  • The Replay by ESPN
  • Newsday by CTV
  • Newsnight by CTV
  • Sports AM by TSN
  • Pulso News by Telemundo
  • For the Cultura by Telemundo
  • Close Up by E! News
  • Fresh Daily by Rotten Tomatoes
  • Speedrun by Polygon
  • Pop5 by iHeartRadio
  • No Filter by TMZ: AM
  • No Filter by TMZ: PM
  • Last Night’s Late Night
  • All The Feels by The Dodo
  • The Daily Chill
  • The Rachel Hollis Show
  • Sexology by Shan Boodram
  • The Nod with Brittany & Eric
  • Trailers by Fandango

Wrapping Up

Quibi may extend its platform on other devices too. But in the mere future, it seems that Quibi may not support on Firestick due to Digital Rights Management reasons. To end, Quibi App’s 90-days free trial helps the subscribers to choose whether to continue with the app or not. Quibi focuses on retaining its subscribers by providing original, high definition, short video content. Quibi App is designed especially for smartphones. It doesn’t support desktop or laptops. Hope this Article unfolds about Quibi App on Firestick.

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