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How to Watch PPV on Samsung Smart TV?

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PPV on Samsung Smart TV: At present most of us have switched over to smart TVs. Accordingly, as the name suggests, smart TVs allow us to stream our favorite shows in a smart manner. Yes, IPTV, IGTV, and online streaming channels are the trend in the streaming world.

Most of the users have been searching for the best online streaming services as an alternative for their cable subscriptions. Of course, there are millions of streaming services available at this point to install and stream on your smart TV.

Each service comes with its own special features and varied plans and packages. One of the identical features among the streaming services is the Pay Per View(PPV) option. Certainly, it is hard to find this option on all the services you opt for.

In fact, most of you would be already using the PPV feature or familiar with it. The primary highlight of the PPV option is it allows you to pay only for the content that you like to watch. Are you a Samsung smart TV user? Then this post is for you. This article provides you with the apps by which you can access the PPV on your Samsung Smart TV. 

How to Watch PPV on Samsung Smart TV?

How to Watch PPV on Samsung Smart TV?
How to Watch
PPV on Samsung Smart TV?

PPV is one of the best features of online streaming services. But most of us fail to make use of this option. Certainly, the advantage of using the PPV on Samsung Smart TV is that it gives you the option to pay only for the content that you choose to stream.

There are only certain apps that include the PPV option by native. By which you don’t need to pay for the complete service which you don’t even use most of the time. There are some apps that I have listed below that allow you to use the PPV option on your Samsung TV. 

  • ESPN+
  • Showtime
  • DAZN
  • Sling TV

ESPN+ – PPV on Samsung Smart TV


The first and foremost app that you can consider is ESPN+. As we all know it is an American video streaming service using OTT. It is a standalone platform that is responsible for streaming various sports events and videos.

This platform includes exclusive UFC games, college sports like basketball, soccer, football, and a lot of MLB and NHL games. Ultimately with which you can access the PPV option to stream the exclusive UFC games on your Samsung TV. The following are the subscription details of the ESPN+ app.

Subscription Plans

  • $6.99/month
  • $69.99/year



The second app in the lineup is Showtime. Of course, it is also one of the popular video streaming services in America. It is owned by ViacomCBS Domestic Media networks. The Showtime app allows you to stream various critically acclaimed Showtime originals, documentaries, TV series & shows, and award-winning shows.

Showtime users can make use of the PPV option in the app. By which you will be paying only for the content that you stream. The following gives you the subscription price details of the Showtime app. 

Subscription Plans

  • $10.99/month with 7 days free trial

DAZN – PPV on Samsung TV


DAZN is a standalone service that is dedicated to streaming sports. It is an OTT-based subscription service in America.  This service allows you to watch varieties of live and on-demand content from various networks and also some of the DAZN originals.

On the app, you will find games like NFL game pass, NFL RedZone, and NFL Sunday Cricket. The main thing is you can install this app on your Samsung Smart TV and use the PPV option that comes with the app. Have a look at the following section for more details about the subscription fee of the DAZN service.

Subscription Plans

  • $19.99/month with 30 days trial period

Sling TV

Sling TV
Sling TV

Another streaming service that you can use for streaming sports and PPV options is Sling TV. It is available for free download on the Samsung TV. Unlike the other streaming services, Sling TV allows you to stream completely live channels. With which you can stream live shows, live sports, and on-demand shows.

Coming to the main point, yes, you can use the PPV service in Sling TV to pay and watch only the content that you actually want to watch. By which you don’t need to pay for the entire service unnecessarily. Below-given are the subscription fee details of the Sling TV service. 

Subscription Plans

  • The orange package costs you $35/month 
  • The blue package costs you $50/month


Can you get PPV on Samsung Smart TV?

Yes, it is possible to get the PPV option on your Samsung TV by using certain streaming services like Sling TV, ESPN+, DAZN, and Showtime.


Well, this is all about the available options to get the PPV service on Samsung TV. Pay Per View(PPV) is one of the useful options that you get with an online streaming service. Using which you can reduce your monthly subscription fee at certain times. I hope the above-given post will be useful to know about the PPV and the apps that support it in detail.  

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