How to Watch Pluto TV on LG Smart TV?

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Pluto TV on LG Smart TV: It is a free streaming service application. Also, it streams more than 100+ free TV Channels. Then, for free of cost, you can stream Adventure, Movies, Comedy, Sports, Entertainment, TV Shows, News, and so on. In the Pluto TV app, you can stream 1000+ on-demand videos and engaging titles. Then, to watch any video content you don’t need to pay for any subscription.

It is a free live TV streaming service. You need a strong internet or Network connection to stream the videos. To cables, it is the freest alternatives. It is a free OTT(Over the top) streaming service. It is supported in devices like Apple TV, Android TV, iOS devices, Roku, and some other devices.

Also, serving much like traditional TV services, it offers a large number of channels. On Pluto TV Channels like Pluto TV movies, Funny AF, Food Tv, and Man up are the popular features content that appears. Then, the most popular Genres are Sports, Kids, Movies, Comedy, Entertainment, Lifestyle, and so on.

It is full of free and its features are simple but essential. It has the best quality features to watch the videos. For a free service, its web player is impressive. To fast forward the Playback controls allow you. Through sideways scrollable playlists and detailed categories, Channels, on-demand content, and shows are accessible. 

Pluto TV on LG Smart TV
How to install and stream Pluto TV on LG Smart TV?

How to Install and Watch Pluto TV on LG Smart TV?

You can watch the Pluto TV on LG Smart TV directly by installing it from the LG Content Store. This app is officially available on the LG Smart TV. You can watch free content and channels on Pluto TV. It is the best streaming service app and you can watch the channels in the app for free by subscribing to the account.

You can watch LG SmartTV the model running with the webOS 5.0 version supports the Pluto app. It doesn’t offer the old version of the LG Smart TV. Here are few steps to install the Pluto TV app your updated version of the LG SmartTV.

Step 1:

Firstly, switch on your LG Smart TV and move to the Home Screen. Connect your TV to the Internet or any local Network.

LG TV Home Screen
LG TV Home Screen

Step 2:

Then, from the Home Screen open the LG Content Store.

LG Content Store
LG Content Store

Step 3:

Select the Option search. Then, type Pluto TV on the search bar, and from the list of options from the search result select the Pluto app and select to install.

Step 4:

After the installation of the app on the TV open the app.

Step 5:

Then, log in to the Pluto TV app account with the credentials (username and password). If you are a new user register to the Pluto app.

Step 6:

Finally, you can stream movies, shows, news, and some other favorite channels on your LG Smart TV.


Can you get Pluto TV on LG Smart TV?

Yes, of course, you can stream the PlutoTv app on your LG smartTV. This app is completely free and all you need is to subscribe to the account to stream your favorite channels. The steps to install the app on your Tv are given in the article. And you can follow these procedures to install the app.

How do I download Pluto TV on my LG Smart TV?

You can easily download the app on your TV as it is inbuilt in the LG Content Store. You can directly install from it and launch the app on your Tv and you can stream your favorite content. The procedure to download and install the app is given in this article. 


In conclusion, You can install the app directly from the LG Content Store and stream all movies, shows, news, and some other channels for free of cost. Pluto TV is the best app for watching content for free. Follow the procedure in the article to install the app on your TV.

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