How to Play Music Through Mic on Discord? [2023]

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Play Music Through Mic on Discord: Do you ever listen to music on Discord? While listening to music, do you face any troubles? In case you have any problem listening to music, this article will help you to rectify all those problems. Yeah! We are showing a tricky as well as a simple technique to solve your problem.

As well, Discord is one of the most rapid-growing chatting applications. With Discord, you can also listening music. Discord will permit you to access other platforms’ accounts on Discord. And you can join the voice channel and enjoy your favorite songs with the server members.

You can listen to your favorite songs using bots. Sometimes, you may have difficulties or technical issues with using bots. At that time, the below-given article will help you to celebrate your free time with your voice channel members by listening to your favorites.

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How to Play Music via Mic on Discord?

If you want to listen to your favorite songs, but your bot is not working well. Then, how could you enjoy your favorites? Hereafter, you need not worry about it. To listen to music on discord, you can adjust your Windows audio settings easily. Just follow the below guides to do the adjusting process.

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Play Music Through Mic on Discord
How to Play Music Through Mic on Discord?

Step 1:

On your Discord, go to the Windows taskbar and right-click the speaker’s icon.

Step 2:

Now, choose the Open Sound Settings option.

Step 3:

Open the Sound Control panel option. Or else, you can use the search option to find the Sound Control Panel.

Open the Sound panel
Open the Sound panel

Step 4:

Then, select the Recording tab.

Choose the recording option
Choose the recording option

Step 5:

Scroll down the list and select the Stereo Mix. Remember, it should be enabled.

Enable Stero Mix option
Enable the Stereo Mix option

Step 6:

After that, select the Set Default option. 

Set as Default Device
Set as Default Device

Step 7:

Finally, close the Control Panel.

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After the successful adjustment, you can go to Discord again. Join the voice channel and enjoy your favorite songs with your server members. With your mic, everyone can able to listen to music.

Even now also have issues playing music on Discord, select the User Settings and choose Voice & Video option. Now, select the Stereo Mix from the drop-down menu. After these steps, try again to play music on Discord.

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With Discord, you can easily play your favorite songs and enjoy them with your friends. Also, Discord will allow you to access other application accounts on it. So, you can easily use any music streaming platform to listen to your favorite songs.

One of the best music streaming platforms is Spotify. If you want to access your Spotify account on your Discord, you can check out our article How to Connect Spotify Discord? With the above-given method, you can easily use your mic to listen to music on Discord.