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How to Play Music in Discord? [Complete Guide]

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Play Music in Discord: Do you want to add more fun to your voice channel on Discord? If you have the same thought, then this article is especially for you. Yeah! through this article, you will get a better idea to make your server more fun-filled. What do you think about music? Is music gives more fun? Of course, music will give you relaxation as well as it makes you happy.

Also, now you can easily play your favorite songs on Discord. But, unfortunately, you cannot do this on Discord directly. Because Discord does not have that feature default. But, still, you can listen to your favorite music on Discord with Bots.

With Bots, you can access numerous features on Discord. Also, installing Bots on Discord is soo simple. Here, we are going to see some simple tricks to listen to music on your Discord.

How to Play Music in Discord using Bot?

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As said before, you cannot listen to music on Discord directly. So, in this article, we are going to use a bot that is named Hydra. Mostly, bots help you to access more features in Discord. Likewise, Hydra is a bot that helps you to play music on Discord easily. To use bots, you have to install that on your Discord. To do that, make use of the below guide.

Play Music in Discord

How to Play Music in Discord?

Step 1:

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Firstly, visit Hydra’s official website.

Step 2:

Then, click on the Invite button.

Step 3:

Now, you will get to the next page, here you have to Authorize the bot.

Step 4:

After that, Launch your Discord Desktop application.

Step 5:

Also, open the server and check that Bot is added to your server or not.

Step 6:

Finally, you can easily access the Hydra bot on your Discord server and with Hydra, you can play your favorites.

Normally, every bot has different kinds of commands. Similarly, Hydra also has a unique command. To play the music, you have to provide the right command. Accordingly, Hydra commands always start as (.).

If you want to change the command in your channel, you can type .settings prefix “your new prefix”. You can mention the artist or a song name in command that will help you to play the song. 

For example

.play The Alone

This command will detect your search result and play the song automatically. You can also, search for the song with the artist’s name. For Instance.


.play The Alone Alan Walker

Also, you can paste the song link from other platforms like Spotify. In this case, you have to paste the right link nearer to the prefix of the command. Here is a sample of the command.

.play [Insert the Song link here]

That’s all, now you can easily enjoy your favorite songs with your friends without any restrictions. But, recently, Google block and ban a lot of bots that help to play music from YouTube. Because Discord implements YouTube content like Videos and Music. But, now also some bots are available which are allow accessing YouTube content. So, choose the right one and use it on your Discord. 

Some Simple Commands for Bots

As you know, all bots are performing with the commands only. Here, thousands of commands are available to control Bots. In this article, we use Hydra bot, but many bots have identical commands. So, we are going to see some of them.


Use the .skip command to skip the current track.


To clear your current queue, you can use the above command.


If you want to play the current on a loop mode, you can use the .loop command.


This command will help you to see your current song queue.


It will show the song which is playing now.


With the .leave command, you can easily leave from your channel. It will help you to leave when the bug occurs on your Bot.

These are mostly used commands on Bots. If you want to learn more commands, you can use the .help command. But, before using those commands, ensure your bot’s native command firstly.


Discord will allow you to use Bot. With Bot, you can play music as per your wish. Also, you can easily access other app links on Bots to play your favorite songs. Using Bot is soo simple, enter the command and mention the song name correctly. It will detect the song and play for you. You can enjoy it with your server members. To learn how to use Bot to play music in Discord, read the above article it will help you to play the songs.

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