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How to fix Physical Memory Dump Error in Windows 10/7/XP?

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Hello Window Users! This article is for your reference. Everyone has minor and major problems in systems based on software corruption. It may happen because of some dumped images, and many more issues. This article presents to rescue your system errors with the solution of Fix Physical Memory Dump. So, let’s get into the topic.

What is a Physical Memory Dump?

First of all this physical memory dump is known as a crash dump. If any issues are raised in your windows, you can use this physical memory dump. You have to fix and restart the Windows OS crashes. It is very useful and grateful for your problems. This is a safe and secure usage tool to protect your device. It’s also known as BSOD which poses a core dump and blue screen of death. Here, you can search for any kind of problem.

The Physical Memory Dump is indicating all the essential things of memory areas, program states, requests counters, duration, period, usage of systems, and much more. If there is any problem in your system or any memory leak difficulty,  you have to start again and use it. It is compatible with old and Windows 10. For your upgrading purpose, the graphics and sound drivers are helping the most. It also has a solution for unexplainable, crazy circumstances, and overlocking hardware. The most specific issue of this physical memory dump is to violate of the system registry documents.

How to Fix Physical Memory Dump Error?

Physical Memory Dump Error
How to fix Physical Memory Dump Error in Windows 10/7/XP?

Every problem has the best solution. Meanwhile, technically we have many opinions to solve our problems. Among those, to fix and get rid of our difficulties from the system, we have some methods for physical memory dump. Let’s see one after another.


The first method is having windows the registry, drivers repaired, and updated. Our first reason for the corruption in the windows registry or drivers. Initially, update all the drivers from your system to fix the drivers. There is an option to select any of the drivers of care depending on your windows. It should be based on your windows edition. Then the reinstall method is necessary to fix windows with registry lists. Now, you have the best backup ed version of your windows.


The next problem is RAM  faulty hardware. For this, you have considerable RAM openings and numerous hurdles. From that, you can take one of these and then persist with Physical Memory Dump Error. If there is no fault in the RAM, you have to check with this tool. For your good sake, you have to install and scan your memory for errors.

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There are plenty of errors roaming on the internet. So, you have to check the errors and then you should decide whether you need to restore your ram or not. This is the basic precept to secure your system. So, you have to select your issues and according to that, you have to replace your ram.


This tool helps you to find the difficulties and issues in the systems with the help of the SFC utility checker. It will search and observe all your documents and omitted files. This device enables you to fix the problem of physical memory dump errors. To begin the SFC utility tool, you have to know some information. They are,

  • First of all type cmd in the Command prompt as administrator and select enter,
  • Next, type command SFC on the black screen ms-dos window and click enter,
  • Now, it will begin to scan and find the contaminated files on your windows system.
  • If there are any documents you find, they will be located under the new file of %WinDir%\System32\dllcache.
  • You have to stay for a few minutes and then reboot your system.

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The final cause of physical memory Dump errors is an awful area and disk error. For that, you can use the command CHKDSK. Then, you have to check your disk with SSD or HDD. For that, you can follow some steps. They are,

  • First of all, you have entered cmd on the Command prompt as administrator and clicked enter option,
  • Next, you have to type as CHKDSK C: /F /R /X on the black MS-DOS window and select enter.
  • For the next beginning, click the Y button to run the CHKDSK command.
  • Then, reboot your system after closing all the commands.
  • It will begin to rescue your all problems with Disk Drive.
  • After the completion, the system will restart automatically.

How to Avoid Physical Memory Dump Error?

To avoid the errors and difficulties of physical memory dump errors, you have to follow the below principles.

  • You should update your systems regularly.
  • The user should scan and update their drivers.
  • Every period, you have to shut down and restart your system for updates.
  • Make use of the Antivirus program always.

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Video Tutorial – To Fix Beginning Dump of Physical Memory

Final Verdict

Yes! In the concluding part, you have to know that, the usages, difficulties, and issues of Physical Memory Dump Errors. This article will help you to escape from all the struggles of your device. You can easily get rid of your obstacles. So, make use of this article and enjoy your problem-free system.

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