How to Install and Watch Philo on Samsung Smart TV? [Updated]

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Hello Samsung users! Have you googled the way to stream Philo on your Samsung smart TV? That’s why you have connected with our post. To break the cord technology in cable TV and satellite networks, we are using IPTV services. Philo is such a service to enjoy all the live TV channels at a reasonable package. Anyhow, You should agree that the Samsung smart TV does not compatible with the official Philo application. But, don’t worry. Hopefully, you will get needful information regarding your surf in this article.

An Overview of Philo

Philo is considered to be the best cord-cutters among other services available in online markets. You can explore plenty of entertainment shows and lifestyle channels in Philo. As per the current scenario, the ratio of steaming websites & apps and live channels providing applications are rapidly increasing. Not everyone is running the olden days Cable TV networks. To those, Philo performs the best replacement to access the live Tv channels. Moreover, Philo is an average cost-subscription-based media streaming service.  

Highlights of Philo

  • Philo features cloud DVR
  • Once you record the content, it will store for almost 30 days.
  • You can stream Philo content simultaneously on 3 different devices.
  • The major plus point is Philo does not make a contract on subscriptions.

What are the subscription plans of Philo?

  • Basic monthly plan of Philo – You should pay just $20 per month for accessing more than 60 high-definition channels on Philo.
  • Remember that in this package, the sports and news channels are not included.
  • Along with that, you can access premium add–on facilities of Philo. Following are the channels that you can add on with Philo subscriptions are
  • Epix ($3 per month) – EPIX hits, EPIX2
  • Starz ($5 per month)- STARZ, Starz Encore

how to Install Philo on Samsung smart TV?

Have you surfed the Samsung content store for installing Philo app? If it so, you wouldn’t get any results. The fact is, there is no straightforward access between Samsung Tv and Philo application. Still, we have three different ways to access live content of Philo on your Samsung smart TV. Do follow the given information to get Philo on Samsung TV.

Philo on Samsung Smart TV
Philo on Samsung Smart TV

How to watch Philo on Samsung Smart TV?

At this moment, you have to look for the streaming devices you have. Yes. Most probably, the Amazon Firestick, Apple TVand Roku media players are providing the standalone application of Philo. If you have any one of them, your work is almost done.

How to Watch Philo on Samsung TV via Roku:

STEP1: First of all, insert Roku cable on your Samsung Smart TV and switch it on.

STEP2: Now, take the Roku remote and press the Home button. On the main home page, select the streaming channels section.

STEP3: After that, land on the search channels field to search the Philo using the virtual keypad. Pick the name Philo from the search result and hit the Add Channel tab.

STEP4: Once add Philo, hit the Go To Channel button to launch the Philo app on the Roku streaming device.

STEP5: Highlight the $20/per month payment on the subscription page. With that, you can access 60+ HD channels of Philo on Roku-connected Samsung TV.

How to Watch Philo on Samsung TV via Apple TV?

Our next practically applicable method is, connecting the Apple TV device to Samsung Tv.

STEP1: The initial step is to connect the Apple TV device with the Samsung Smart Tv. Using the Apple TV directional pad (remote), switch on the device.

STEP2: Go inside the App Store, which is placed on the Home page of Apple TV.  And then, Move on to the search option and type as Philo.

STEP3: Next, Click the Get button to start the installation of the Philo app on Apple-connected Samsung Tv.

STEP4: At last, Sign up on the Philo page to start streaming your favorite channels.

How to Watch Philo on Samsung TV via Firestick?

STEP1: In the beginning, you have to plugin the Firestick device at the rear side of your Samsung smart TV. Switch it on to turn on the Amazon Firestick.

STEP2: On the very first page, navigate to tap the hand lens icon. Probably, it is placed at the top left side of your homepage.

STEP3: Here, type as Philo using a virtual keyboard. Once you get the Philo from the search result, download it.

STEP4: Then, go to the Apps & Channels section to launch the Philo app. Sign in using your mobile number. And then, you have to set up the Philo subscription package.

STEP5: Once you choose, hit the subscribe button. Finally, you can walk inside the Philo app to play videos and watch them on your Samsung TV.

Well done. These are all three ways to get the Philo service quickly and easily on the Samsung Smart TV.


Can I get the Philo app on Samsung Smart TV?

You can get it. All you need Philo-supported streaming devices like Firestick, Apple TV, or Roku player. After connecting the external devices with Samsung TV, read the step-by-step procedure for Philo installation from this write-up.

Can I access Philo for free?

No. But, Philo is one of the low-cost streaming devices that you ever have on your household television. Readout this article to know about the subscription plans of Philo.

Final  Verdict

Let us conclude the write-up right now. Don’t worry if you couldn’t get the reliable app of Philo on the Samsung content store. That’s okay. We have alternative ways to get the service to watch live channels in HD resolutions. I hope you got all the possible ways to stream Philo TV on your Samsung smart TV from this article. If you have streaming devices, adding Philo will double up the Live TV watching experience.

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