How to Install Peloton app on Samsung Smart TV? [2023]

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Peloton app on Samsung Smart TV: Are you a workout freak? If so, this pandemic is not the age for you people. As you should not go outside for your safety cause. But here is a solution for the workout freaks like you. Learn how to get the Peloton app on Samsung Smart TV through this article.

Chiefly, Peloton is a U.S based company that brings the workout session directly to your home. Yes, with the Peloton app you can attend multiple workout sessions like treadmill, stretching, running, and much more. Significantly, it offers two types of subscription packages.

Certainly, you will get a Peloton bike by choosing the premium membership. Also, you can get your classes by installing the Peloton app on popular streaming devices. Sounds motivating, right? Come, let’s explore more about Peloton and its significance in the following article.

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What is Peloton?

Basically, Peloton is a fitness-based app. Chiefly, it takes you through many workout sessions directly from your home. With the Peloton app, you can transform yourself without going anywhere else. Significantly it has two types of membership options to choose from.

They are Digital membership and All-access membership. Certainly, the digital membership costs you $12.99/month and the All-access membership costs around $39/month. What’s the difference? Well, the digital membership users cannot post their metrics and progress on the app, and also they cannot interact with the other Peloton users.

Unfortunately, they can only view the users on the app, but could not interact with them. On the other hand, the users with the All-access membership can do everything which is not possible to the digital membership users. Another advantage of the premium plan is you will get a Peloton bike with a touchscreen for workouts. Whereas the basic plan allows you to attend the classes only through the Peloton app.

Peloton app on Samsung TV – Features

Here are some significant features that you will get with the Peloton app on Samsung smart TV. Have a look at it to get an overall view of the app.

  • 10 different types of workouts
  • World-class instructors
  • Both indoor and outdoor sessions
  • Live and on-demand classes with separate instructors
  • Heart rate monitor support with the Peloton bike
  • Variety of music to motivate you
  • Free trial period of 30 days

How to Install Peloton app on Samsung Smart TV?

Surprisingly, you can install the Peloton app on various smart devices like Android, iOS, and most smart TVs. Unfortunately, you can’t install the desired app on Samsung smart TV directly from the smart hub. As Samsung neither runs on Android nor iOS you cannot use the Samsung store to download the app.

Certainly, you can download the app on Samsung smart TV from the internet. Also, the Peloton app supports casting features by natives. So if you are being a digital app user and expecting to access the features on a large screen you can make use of the casting functionality.

How to Install Peloton app on Samsung TV?
How to Install the Peloton app on Samsung TV?

Make sure you have a membership to login into the app. Let’s see how to get the Peloton app on your Samsung TV in the following steps given below.

Step 1:

First, Turn on your Samsung Smart TV and connect it to the WIFI at your home.

Step 2:

Scroll the apps on the home screen until you find the Samsung TV browser. Sometimes it will be mentioned as ‘Internet’.

Step 3:

Now, Open the browser and Search for the Peloton Digital app on the title bar.

Step 4:

Find the official app and install it on your Samsung TV.

Step 5:

Then, open the installed app and log in with your account credentials.


Also, enter your payment method and pay the amount to activate your account.

Step 7:

The members with All-access membership don’t even need to pay for the app. You can start your yoga and meditation directly by installing the app.

This is how you can possibly get the Peloton app on your Samsung smart TV without any sideloading techniques. The only thing is you have to own a membership to get access to Peloton sessions.

How to Fix Peloton app Not Working on Samsung Smart TV?

I hope you have successfully installed the desired Peloton app on your Samsung TV. But what if the Peloton app suddenly shows a black screen or stops working on your Samsung TV? Don’t worry, there are some possible measures to fix the Peloton app not working on Samsung TV issue. Check out the below guide for further details.

  • Ensure that your Samsung TV is connected to an active internet source. Seemingly, the Peloton app requires an effective internet connection to stream videos online.
  • Secondly, make sure that you have updated the Peloton app to the latest version. Seemingly, an outdated version of the Peloton app won’t allow you to access your workout videos.
  • Reinstall the Peloton app to fix the issue. Seemingly, the existing Peloton app may have several bugs and issues. So, reinstalling the Peloton app will help you resolve the issue, and you can enjoy your workout without any hassle.


Why can’t find the Peloton app on Samsung smart TV?

Unfortunately, the Peloton app is not available on the Samsung store for download.

How to cast the Peloton app to smart TV?

Well, the Peloton app comes with a built-in casting feature. So you can use either your Android or iOS device for casting.

Can I use Airplay on the Peloton app?

Obviously yes. By downloading the Peloton app on your iOS device you can use the Airplay feature to cast the app on your Apple TV.

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It’s time to pack up. Peloton is one of the amazing technology to get your workouts directly from your home. So you don’t need to enter the pandemic world for your workouts. Additionally, you have a trial period of 30-days to check the service and its quality.

If you are not satisfied, you are free to cancel the subscription at any time. The only catch-up is the Peloton app is not available for download on the Samsung store. But the possible methods to get the desired app on your smart TV have been given above.

Yeah, the time has come to start your workout. Install the app and get ready to initiate your live class with the Peloton app.