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Paramount Plus on Dish

What Channel is Paramount Plus on Dish? [Updated 2022]

Paramount Plus on Dish: Make your day valuable by concentrating on your happiness, not your troubles. In that way, here is an article that focuses on a channel that can bring happiness to us. Indeed, the respective channel is Paramount Plus. I hope most of you might have heard about the Paramount Plus platform. Seemingly, Paramount Plus is an online streaming service from Paramount Network.

Moreover, it is an entertainment platform that allows us to watch the live TV and on-demand content on the go with a compatible streaming device. However, many people love to watch their favorite content on a big screen. In such cases, one of the best available options to get and watch Paramount Plus on TV is by using a standard cable service like Dish Network.

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Of course, Dish is one of the best cable TV services that include a lot of popular channels. Concerning that, the following article focuses on digging out the answer to what channel is Paramount Plus on Dish. So, both Dish subscribers and existing Paramount Plus continue reading the article to enjoy watching Paramount Plus on Dish. 

About Paramount Plus

In simple words, Paramount Plus is an online streaming service available in America. Indeed, it is an on-demand service from Paramount Global. The respective service streams content from the libraries of CBS Media Ventures, Paramount Media, and Paramount Pictures. Moreover, the Paramount Plus service was initially launched under the name CBS All Access.

Furtherly, it has undergone multiple changes, and currently, it has been rebranded as Paramount Plus. On the entertainment part, the Paramount Plus app concentrates on streaming live sports, breaking news, and a mountain of entertainment content. In addition, you can watch 30,000 full episodes of on-demand content.

Moreover, you can explore some popular channels like Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, BET, Fox Sports, and much more. The 30,000 episodes of on-demand content include popular shows like Survivor, NCIS, SpongeBob SquarePants, The Challenge, and much more. In addition, the Paramount Plus app contains exclusive shows, originals, and live sporting events.

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Meanwhile, you can watch live sports events like NFL and UEFA Champions League. Are you obsessed with the live news and game scores? If so, the Paramount Plus app gets you 24/7 lives streams of new coverage from CBSN. Indeed, you can get score updates and watch highlights on CBS Sports HQ. Furtherly, on the subscription part, of course, Paramount Plus has a subscription with both ad and ad-free plans. 

Subscription Packages

  • Basic Ad-included plan –> $4.99/month and $49.99/year
  • Premium Ad-free plan –> $9.99/month and $99.99/year

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About Dish Network

The Dish Network is a famous telecommunication company in America. It is a subscription based service that is known for providing services like Internet, telephone, cable/satellite TV, and much more. Basically, Dish Network is a prominent distributor of satellite streaming. In that way, a valid Dish subscriber can get access for watching live TV shows and various on-demand content.

Of course, an active subscription to Dish Network is essential to avail of the benefits. Seemingly, Dish is one of the prominent competitors of the DirecTV service.  Concerning the development of online streaming, Dish has launched an OTT platform under the name ‘Dish Anywhere’. As a result, each Dish subscriber can stream their favorite movies or shows anywhere on the go.

In addition, the ‘Dish’ app allows you to manage your subscription and helps you pay your subscription on time. So that it becomes easy to manage your subscription and stream your favorite content using the Dish platforms. Considering the significance of a Dish subscription the following part will offer you a detailed guide to the plans available. 

  • Basic โ€“ $69.99/month with 190 channels 
  • Popular โ€“ $94.99/month with 240+ channels
  • Premium โ€“ $104/month with 290+ channels

What Channel is Paramount Plus on Dish?

As we have seen above, Paramount Plus is one of the exciting channels to watch your favorite shows and on-demand titles. The Paramount Plus app is applicable and available on multiple streaming platforms like Android, iOS, Roku, Firestick, Apple TV, and much more. Is it possible to watch Paramount Plus on Dish? Of course, it is possible to catch up the Paramount programs on a cable service like Dish.

Paramount Plus on Dish
What Channel is Paramount Plus on Dish?

The catch is that the Paramount Plus channel is not available for any cable streaming. But it does not mean that you cannot stream Paramount Plus on Dish. Indeed, alternatively, you can use the Paramount Network channel to stream the desired shows on Dish. Moreover, the Paramount Network channel is natively available on Dish Network, and it is available with your Dish subscription. Concerning that, the following section will offer the Paramount Plus (Paramount Network) channel number on Dish. 

Streaming Service – Dish Network 

Channel Name – Paramount Network

Channel Number – 241

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Popular Shows on Paramount Plus

Concerning the popularity of the Paramount Plus app, the following section will provide you with the popular shows available on the respective platform. 

  • The Good Wife
  • South Park
  • Yellowstone
  • The Offer
  • Younger
  • Bar Rescue
  • Ink Master
  • Star Trek


That’s all to say about what channel is Paramount Plus on Dish. I hope the above article has helped you find the Paramount Plus channel on Dish without any hassle. Seemingly, the Paramount + channel is not available on Dish instead, you can tune to the Paramount Network channel to watch your favorite shows. The above article includes the exact channel number of the Paramount Plus channel on Dish. Check out our website to find more ways to watch the Paramount Plus channel on Dish. 

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Is Paramount Plus available on Dish?

Yes, Dish subscribers can access and watch the Paramount Plus content on their TV service using a compatible streaming device. Moreover, you have to tune to the Paramount Network channel to enjoy watching your favorites, as there is no channel available under the name Paramount Plus. 

How much is Paramount Plus on Dish?

Well, you cannot purchase the Paramount Plus separately on Dish. Indeed, the Paramount + channel is available as a part of the Dish subscription. So ensure that you have a valid Dish subscription to access and watch your favorite shows on your streaming device. 

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