What Channel is Pac 12 Network on Spectrum? [2023]

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You are probably a sports-following person, and then you find out what channel is Pac 12 Network on Spectrum? and the programs available on the channel in your daily routine. If it is true, here is the information about the same and you made an excellent decision. But, before that, you should know about the Pac 12 Network channel and the Spectrum service. Suppose the channel is present on Spectrum service or not. Ok, now switch on to the article.

Pac 12 Network- Overview

Pac 12 Network is the sports channel belonging to the Pac 12 conference. This channel is the sports-oriented digital cable and satellite television network. The Pac 12 Network has studio and production facilities in San Francisco, California’s South of Market district. In addition, Pac 12 Network has six sisters channels that operate in different places on different sports. These sister network channels mainly focus on the areas they are serving. For example, the content of Arizona is entirely different from the content of Washington. Let’s see the list of sister channels along with various states and universities.

  • Pac 12 Arizona- Arizona State University 
  • Pac 12 Bay Area-  Stanford University
  • Pac 12 Los Angeles- University of Southern California
  • Pac 12 Mountain- the University of Utah and Colorado
  • Pac 12 Oregon-  Oregon State University
  • Pac 12 Washington- Washington State University

The TV channel never stops programming and has vital shows on college sports such as football, basketball, and other sports like soccer, volleyball, tennis, and a few others. For more information, this network has online services like Pac 12 Now and Pac 12 Plus.

Pac 12 Now offers a TV everywhere to stream, and it is in partnership with Ooyala to develop Pac 12 Network. In addition, Pac 12 Network is informed that Social media, Twitter, which serves 150 live games in the 2016-2017 season, comes under the brand of Pac 12 Plus. As a result, the Pac 12 Network channel is getting more followers through its programs, and the viewers do not miss it because this channel is the best way to enjoy sports.

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A short note on Spectrum

Readers, let’s check here to know about the service Spectrum. Spectrum is one of the channel providers from the brand Charter communication. This service is used to market to consumers on the internet, telephone, television, and other wireless services. This brand started in 1999 as Charter communication, and in 2014, it became Charter Spectrum. Spectrum has its headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, U.S. 

Spectrum Internet offers many features like improving the speed of the internet, customizing the WIFI network, and creating a fast and reliable network. And then, Spectrum TV has options like streaming on-demand titles and movies from anywhere, programming your remote, providing TV guides, and also offers Peacock premium. Spectrum Mobile gets internet service from the area’s internet connection, and Verizon delivers internet for the 4G and 5G mobiles. Additionally, more advanced features are available on Spectrum, And you can enjoy all the features of Spectrum as an application from anywhere and anytime.

Spectrum television subscribers enjoy offers provided by Spectrum. The Spectrum subscription package has two types of plans. It is more affordable and available for all kinds of subscribers. Let’s learn about the subscription plan of Spectrum.

Spectrum TV Select: This package has channels like ESPN, TLC, History, and more. And also, this plan has 125+ channels at $49.99 for 12 months.

Mi Plan Latino: This plan has 145+ channels and also Spanish-speaking channels. Top channels like Cartoon Network, TLC, TNT, and more at $34.99 for 12 months.

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What Channel is Pac 12 Network on Spectrum? 

Probably, are you looking forward to knowing the channel number on Spectrum? This is good news for you because the Pac 12 Network channel is available on Spectrum. In this section, I will provide the channel number to access the channel. Not only the Pac 12 Network channel number is provided here, but also channel numbers of different areas channels from the Pac 12 conference. Let’s see that.

Pac 12 Network on Spectrum
What Channel is Pac 12 Network on Spectrum?

Streaming Service: Spectrum

Channel Name Channel Number
Pac 12 Network 375
Pac 12 Arizona 377
Pac 12 Bay Area 381
Pac 12 Los Angeles 376
Pac 12 Mountain 380
Pac 12 Oregon 379
Pac 12 Washington 378

You can get detailed information on the different channel numbers of the different areas from this table. You can also enjoy USC and UCLA live football games on Pac-12 Network. Additionally, check whether your service has a subscription plan or not.

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Popular Shows on Pac 12 Network

Many popular shows are available on Pac 12 Network. This channel telecasts programs like 850 collegiate events every year. And also other programs like live events, conferences, and additional updated latest information happening in the world of college sports. Additionally, other shows like Pac-12 Sports Report, Pac-12 Playbook, and more are available on this Network channel. So let’s see about some programs on Pac 12 channel.

The 12 Best

This is one countdown show about the conference. This show offers various topics and ranks them from 12 to 1. Its main aim is to provide fabulous finishes to power plays, from terrible players to unforgettable games. The 12 Best comes with an expert panel of speakers to analyze the best from the Conference of Champions. 


This is one of my favorite shows on the Pac 12 Network channel. This show is about a series on different sports. Additionally, Timelines are always wandering us with great sports moments in various sports. The performances are from each of the Pac 12 schools.

Concluding Points

Hopefully, this article will provide with Pac 12 network channel and Spectrum. Luckily, Pac 12 Network is available on Spectrum, and also I have included the channel number to enjoy the college sports from the Pac 12 Universities. However, Spectrum is one of the best television providers, with millions of subscribers. And also, Spectrum offers many sports channels with that, Pac 12 channel has more followers. So, everyone enjoys with Pac 12 Network channel on Spectrum.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to stream Pac 12 Network live?

Pac 12 Network channel is available on all cable providers. So the thing you do, you call a cable provider and check if the channel is available or not. Otherwise, you can stream this channel from Sling TV, which offers many live channels, including Pac 12 Network.

What channel number is Pac 12 channel on Spectrum streaming service?

Pac 12 Network is the perfect platform to enjoy college sports from the Universities of Pac 12. The channel number of Pac 12 is 375, which varies in the region from service to other services.