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How to Watch Now TV on Nintendo Switch? [Updated 2022]

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Now TV on Nintendo Switch: How nice is it? If your Nintendo Switch acts like a Streaming device. Yeah! It is a super cool matter. But is it possible? Of course, yes, now you can easily stream plenty of entertainment content using your Switch console. In this order, today’s article is going to speak about the Now TV app and its availability on the Nintendo Switch. So, if you want to stream all your favorite Now TV shows on your Switch console, kindly keep reading this article to the end without skipping. 

What is Now TV?

Now is one of the paid television services which is also known as Now TV. It is operated by the company of Sky Group. You can access the Now TV service in various areas like the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy. With the Now TV service, you will get content from all genres like Entertainment, Movies, Kids, Sports, News, and so on. In addition, you can stream shows from various channels like Gold, Alibi, Sky Cinema, Paramount Plus, Nicktoons, Boomerang, NBC News, Comedy Central, and so on. 

Now TV is a subscription-based streaming service, so you have to pay a certain amount as a subscription fee to enjoy all your favorites on the big screen. It offers four kinds of subscription plans, namely Entertainment, Cinema, Sports, and Hayu.  

  • Entertainment
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It is a pack where you can get numerous entertainment collections like the latest series, movies, original shows, dramas, and so on. You can get this package for £9.99 per month. Also, it offers seven days trial pack to its users too. With the Entertainment package, you can stream your favorite Now TV shows on three different devices simultaneously. 

  • Cinema

With the Cinema pack, you can stream a lot of originals and the latest movies, etc. Also, it allows you to access all Now TV shows on over 60 devices like smartphones, Smart TVs, tablets, desktops, and so on. The subscription cost of the Cinema package is £9.99 for a month, and it offers seven days trial pack to its new users. Moreover, there is no contract, so you can easily cancel the subscription plan anytime. 

  • Sports

This is specailly for sports lovers where you can stream 1000+ hours of highlights and documentaries on-demand. Also, it offers Premier League, WSL & EFL, and so on. In addition, it provides 11 Sky Sports channels too. The subscription cost of this Sports pack is £25 for a month. 

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  • Hayu

It is one of the right choices to stream US Reality shows. It provides 8000 episodes of reality shows, fresh and so on. Also, you can get Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Real Housewives, Million Dollar Listing, Below Deck, and so on. The Hayu pack’s subscription cost is £4.99 for a month. In addition, it offers seven days trial pack too. 

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How to Watch Now TV on Nintendo Switch?

You can get numerous entertainment collections with the Now TV app. Also, it is available on numerous smart devices, so you can directly install the app on your desirable device from the respective app store without any restrictions. But, when it comes to the Nintendo Switch, unfortunately, it is not available on your gaming console. 

Now TV on Nintendo Switch

How to Watch Now TV on Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch offers limited apps to its users, so as of now, there is no respective app for Now TV on Nintendo e-Shop. In this order, you cannot directly install the Now TV app on your Nintendo Switch gaming console. But, you can use alternative ways like jailbreak to get back all your Now TV favorites.

But, remember, once you jailbreak your console, you may lose all its upcoming features. In simple words, it will affect the relationship between your console and its native features. So, you cannot get future updates and features. But you can get the custom browser to access all your favorites as per your wish. If you are okay with those things, you can jailbreak your Nintendo Switch gaming console at your own risk. 

For example, you can use the Android OS to enjoy all your desired shows from the Now TV app. Luckily, Now TV is officially available on the Google Play Store, so you can directly install the app and stream all your favorites on your console. In simple words, you can get the Now TV app on your Nintendo Switch by installing the Android OS on your console. 

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That’s all about Now TV on Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, Now TV has no dedicated app on Nintendo Switch, so you cannot install it on your gaming console. In this article, we discuss a lot about Now TV and its availability on your console. Hopefully, it will provide all the necessary information for your search. If you want to get more technology-related information, you can check out our website without any restrictions. 

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Is Now TV compatible with Nintendo Switch?

No, you cannot access the Now TV app on your Nintendo Switch. In simple words, there is no availability for Now TV on your Switch console. Even though you can stream all your desired Now TV shows on your console by jailbreaking it. But, remember, jailbreaking your gaming console will affect its traditional activities. 

Is it legal to Jailbreak Nintendo Switch/Lite?

Obviously, no. Jailbreak Nintendo Switch is a completely illegal process. But, you jailbreak your console at your own risk. Jail Break will affect the relationship between your Switch and its company. This means you may face struggles to get the regular updates and cannot access the latest features. But, you can get the custom browser to access all your favorites even if it is not available on your Nintendo Switch/Lite gaming console. 

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