How to Watch NFL on Antenna?

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NFL on Antenna: Hey football fan, are you searching for a method to watch NFL on Antenna? Here is the answer to your search. This article deals with the ways to watch NFL games. Before getting into the methods, let us look into the details of NFL games and Antenna TV.

National Football League (NFL) is a Football League in America. It consists of 32 teams from the United States and Canada. 32 teams are divided equally into two major groups namely, American Football Conference (AFC) and National Football Conference (NFC).

NFL was formed in 1920. Every year in August month NFL 3-week Pre Season games will begin followed by the Regular season for 18 weeks from September to January. It has been continuously taking place.

Likewise, each team will get to play 17 games during this period. At the end of these matches, 7 teams from each conference will get a chance to enter the playoffs. They are selected on the basis of 4 teams from the winners and 3 teams from the wildcard. A total of 14 teams will compete in the elimination face-off.

A final match between AFC and NFC is called Super Bowl. This playoff and Super Bowl will take place in February month, which will determine the National Football League Champion.

People will always prefer to watch sports on digital cable but over-the-air (OTA) Antennas can be accessed free of cost. Let us discuss it in further portions.

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Is it possible to watch NFL on Antenna?

Fortunately, the channel partners of NFL games – CBS, NBC, and FOX sports channels are available now on the Antenna. So you will not face any difficulties in viewing the regular season NFL games. Therefore, it is possible to watch NFL on Antenna.

How to Watch NFL on Antenna?

The antenna is a terrestrial network. The antenna provides only a minimum number of TV channels that telecast TV series, Sports, Movies, and Classic dramas.

Antenna broadcasts in partnership with CBS Media Ventures, Disney Media Distribution, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and ELP Communications through OTA (over-the-air). Mostly antenna focuses on regional TV networks that are streamed with a one-time installation charge.

However, you have to pay for buying an Antenna, but antennas are cheap and cost-friendly services that are available in the market to view the channels that are accessible in your region.

NFL on Antenna
How to Watch NFL on Antenna?

Usually, antennas range from $20 to $60. Comparatively, it is cheaper than the Cable TV Service. Among the Antenna, some also provide 4K streaming capacity and coverage of more than 50 miles. As far as the coverage increases, you will get more channels.

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Steps to Watch NFL on Antenna

Step 1

Buy an Antenna that gives access to the channels of NBC, CBS, and FOX within your region’s coverage.

Step 2

Fix the Antenna set-up in your wall or window which has a clear reception of antenna signals.

Step 3

Attach your TV with an Antenna through a coaxial cable.

Step 4

Once the installation of the Antenna is completed, Turn on the TV.

Step 5

Adjust the Antenna if needed while tuning the channels.

Step 6

Find the NBC, CBS, and FOX channels on your Antenna coverage.

Now you will be able to watch NFL on Antenna through the Sports channels that are available in your region.

Alternate Ways to Watch NFL Games

There is only one way to watch NFL on Antenna which is the direct method given above in this article. If the Antenna coverage is not available in your region you can try alternate methods which will allow you to stream NFL games.

Watch NFL using NFL Plus

You can also watch NFL games on NFL Plus which is more similar to NFL Game Pass and will help you to stream Preseason games in August month. It costs about $4.99–$9.99 per month and offers a 7- days free trial. This will cover the live matches as well as the retelecast of full games.

If you subscribe to the premium pack, there will be no commercials to disturb the game while you are watching it. The NFL app can be downloaded on your Smartphone and Computer, Screen Mirror the app to your Smart TV or else you can directly log in to the website.

NFL Plus is also supported by Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Apple TV. For your understanding here we have given the steps to download NFL App on Samsung TV.

Step 1

Switch on your Samsung TV and connect it to Stable Internet Connection.

Step 2

Press the Smart Hub button on the TV Remote.

Step 3

The Home Screen will be displayed, navigate the Apps icon on it.

Step 4

Search for the NFL App and click on the Install button displayed below the App info.

Step 5

After successful installation, open the NFL App it will redirect to the NFL website.

Step 6

Enter the activation code and activate your device.

Step 7

Log in with the NFL Plus Subscription credentials, you will get access to stream the NFL games on your TV.

With this same method, you can also download the NFL App on other devices.

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Final Words

At last, we are here in the concluding part of this article. We have seen all the possible ways that allow you to stream the NFL on Antenna. Let me precise this article for you with a few points.

You can watch NFL on Antenna through the sports channels like FOX, CBS, and NBC, which are available in your region. The antenna can be bought at a low cost and is available for one-time installation only.

In case, your region does not support antenna coverage with these sports channels you can go for the alternate method. Either by downloading NFL App on your Smart TV or you can download it on your Smartphone and Screen Mirror the contents.

Remember, subscribe to the NFL Plus Plan to stream the live content of NFL games. Hope you have learned the methods to watch NFL on Antenna and also by alternate methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to watch Live NFL games with an NFL Plus subscription?

Of course, it is possible to watch the live games as well as the on-demand videos of the NFL games with the NFL Plus subscription account. As it helps to view the matches without any commercial interruptions.

What streaming services have NFL Network?

Streaming Services like Hulu + Live TV, Fubo TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV stream NFL games. But you have to separately subscribe to access the content or buy the channel from the Add-on options.

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