How to Watch NFL Game Pass on PS4? [updated 2022]

Are you a Football lover? Today, we come with a great topic for you. I assure you will enjoy this article completely. This article will give the information about NFL Game Pass on PS4.

National Football League is called as NFL. It is a subscription-based audio and video service. You can stream NFL Game Pass on your smartphone and smart TV. Additionally, now you can access it on PlayStation 4 console.

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To know more about NFL Game Pass on your PlayStation, kindly go through this article completely.

What is NFL Game Pass?

NFL Game Pass is a subscription-based service. You can stream live matches of your favorite teams. Also, you can watch Highlights, catch-ups, and the NFL Network channel live 24/7.

You can watch all NFL content and download them with NFL Game Pass. Also, you can stream all NFL films and watch more about your favorite players, teams, and so on. With NFL Game Pass, you can watch the Live preseason, postseason and regular season.

How to Install NFL Game Pass on PS4?

Follow the below instruction to get NFL Game Pass on PlayStation 4 easily.

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NFL Game Pass on PS4
How to Get NFL Game Pass on PS4?

Step 1:

Firstly, on PlayStation 4, select the PlayStation Store title.

Step 2:

Now go to the Search option and type NFL Game Pass with the help of an on-screen keyboard.

Step 3:

From the suggestion list, click on NFL Game Pass and select the Download option to install the app.

Step 4:

Wait for some time and click on the Start button to open the NFL Game Pass.

Step 5:

Now you can log in to your account with appropriate credentials.

Step 6:

Finally, you can stream your favorite content on the PlayStation4 console.

Alternative ways to get NFL Game Pass on PS4

You can also stream NFL Game Pass content with the following apps.


You shall stream NFL Game Pass on your PlayStation 4 console with Hulu+Live TV. Also, you can access CBS, NBC, FOX, ESPN, and so on.


Plex is an open-source and free media service. If you had the Plex app on your PS4, you can get NFL Network Channel to watch NFL Game Pass. Also, you can use Plex to organize content while steaming your desired matches.

YouTube TV

With YouTube TV, you can watch NFL Game Pass contents. It allows you to stream 85+ live TV channels. Also, you can access ESPN, MLB Networks, NBA, FOX, NFL, and so on.


Is NFL Game Pass on PS 4?

You can stream NFL Game Pass on PS4. Also, you shall download 100+ other apps. Additionally, Hulu+Live TV and ESPN also support NFL Game Pass on PS4.

What devices support NFL Game Pass?

  • iOS 13+phone and 13+tablet.
  • Android 10+phone and 7 10+ tablets.
  • Android TV.
  • Apple TV.
  • Fire TV.
  • Roku ( Domestic).

Can I get the NFL Game Pass app on my LG Smart TV?

You can download NFL Game Pass on new Samsung and LG TVs. It is compatible with the 2016 and above models of Samsung and LG models. But unfortunately, the NFL Game Pass app is not available on 2020 or 2021 model TVs.


That’s all about NFL Game Pass on your PlayStation 4. You have to subscribe to it and then you can stream all the live football matches. You can use the above simple steps to get NFL Game Pass on your PS4. Also, it is compatible with YouTube TV, Hulu, and Plex.

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