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Is NewsNation on Sling TV? [2023]

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NewsNation on Sling TV: I wish everyone a lovely day. We always love to have fun with movies, TV shows, sports, and more. But, it is as essential to know about the happenings around us. Frankly saying, we must watch News every day and stay updated. So, NewsNation is a Channel that gives you all kinds of News around us, along with other entertainment programs. As a Sling TV subscriber, everyone here might be wondering about the availability of News nation on  Sling TV. Read this article to get your doubt cleared.

Is NewsNation on Sling TV?

Unquestionably yes, NewsNation Channel is available on Sling TV, but not with all the packages. However, we should have a subscription to the Sling TV Orange or Blue. You can watch NewsNation on all Sling TV-supported devices by subscribing to this. I will explain how to subscribe and watch the channel on Sling TV here. So, Kindly make use of the procedure.

NewsNation on Sling TV (1)
Is NewsNation on Sling TV?

Step 1:

First, ensure your respective device is connected to a stable internet connection.

Step 2:

Then, Go to the Play store of your device, search for the Sling TV app, and download and install it. If you already have the app on your device, skip the step.

Choose the Sling TV app from search results
Choose the Sling TV app from the search results

Step 3:

Now open the Sling TV app and complete the Activation Page with the TV Provider’s subscription elements.

Sign in Page of Sling TV
Page of Sling TV

Step 4:

Once you complete the activation process, the Sling TV App is ready for use on your Streaming device.

Step 5:

Further, open the Sling TV and find the New Nation channel using the Search option.

Step 6:

Finally, select the favorite content of NewsNation or Live News and start playing.


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Alternative ways to get NewsNation

In addition to Sling TV, there are alternative methods to stream News Nation on Sling TV. Because the channel is available on DirecTV Stream, Hulu, YouTube TV, Fubo TV, and Vidgo, I will provide a few alternative methods in detail for your comfort. So, follow the steps if anyone wants to stream it on any other device using DirecTV Stream. 

NewsNation on DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream is a multinational online Streaming service in the United States. DirecTV, a multichannel video distributor, owns the service. They offer various packages like Choice, Ultimate, and Premier. Fortunately, all these packages include NewsNation, but the cost of each package varies. For example, the DirecTV Stream’s Choice package costs $79.99/ month. Below are the steps to watch it on DirecTV Stream with the help of your device.

Step 1:

First, check that your corresponding device has a good internet connection.

Step 2:

Then, download the DirecTV Stream app and subscribe to any of the above-said packages.

Choose the Install option on DirecTV Stream App
Choose the Install option on DirecTV Stream App

Step 3:

After completing the installation process, open the DirecTV Stream App and complete the Activation process at the respective place.

Sign in page of DirecTV Stream
Activation page of DirecTV Stream

Step 4:

Once you complete the activation process, go to the live channels section and search for the NewsNation Channel.

Step 4:

When you find the Channel, you can stream it on your streaming device.

NewsNation on DirecTV Stream
NewsNation on DirecTV Stream

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A Quick Note on NewsNation

NewsNation is a television Network based in America. Nexstar Media Group owns the Network, formerly called WGN America. The Network telecasts various Entertainment like Comedy, theatrical feature films, and dramas during the daytime. Indeed they broadcast a straight News format during the evening, Overnight hours, and Weekday mornings. However, their sister Networks include WGN- TV and radio, Antenna TV, and Rewind TV.

The channel was called Superstation WGN before it was named WGN America. Then, it was renamed after its flagship News program in 2021 as NewsNation. Furthermore, this Network is a  source of unbiased News where all American Citizens get News that specifies the perspectives across the Country. Moreover, News Nation is the national News and cable Network with 75 million users in the United States. So, News nation will be the best platform to stream News and various entertainment programs.

Winding Up

After reading this, you would have learned that watching NewsNation on Sling TV is possible. But all you need to do is subscribe to the Sling TV Orange package. Additionally, the alternative methods to stream the channel and details about NewsNation will be helpful. So, follow the above steps to get in on your service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Subscription Cost of Sling TV Orange?

Sling TV Orange costs $30 per month. Sling Orange offers 31 channels in which popular channels like Fox, ESPN, Disney, and NBA TV are included. Indeed this plan is suitable for News and entertainment channels. Also, the Blue and Orange pack comes together for $45 per month.

Does Newsnation have an app?

Yes. NewsNation network provides a mobile app compatible with Android and iOS. The app is WGN-TV, where we can watch Local News, Weather, on-demand videos, and daily live broadcasts in the palm of our hand. WGN9 is another app, especially for Chicago. The app is its source of Chicago’s Breaking News, weather, sports, and entertainment.

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