How to Watch Netflix on FaceTime iOS 15? [2023]

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Netflix on FaceTime iOS 15: Evidently, the launch of the latest iOS 15 has gained more attention among iPhone users and tech enthusiasts. It has boasted a plethora of various cool features. One of the features that have attracted a lot is the SharePlay feature.

Surprisingly, it allows you to stream movies and share content on your iPhone when you are on a FaceTime call. Emphatically, this feature can be accessed only among iOS users. As usual, Apple users and Android users can’t watch movies or shows together on a FaceTime call.

Is it possible to watch Netflix on FaceTime? Many iPhone users and Netflix fans have been wandering around this issue. This guide will supply you with the best remedy for your queries. Let us see how to watch Netflix using FaceTime on iOS 15 in the following article.

Is it Possible to Watch Netflix on FaceTime iOS 15?

Pathetically, no. It is not possible to stream Netflix content while you are using FaceTime. Chiefly, the reason is Netflix does not support the latest SharePlay feature. There are certain apps that support streaming while using the FaceTime app.

They are Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, Pluto TV, Paramount+, ESPN+, and much more. Unfortunately, you can’t stream Netflix alone on FaceTime at present. But you can use the above-given apps on the latest iOS 15 while you FaceTime.

I know you will be out of your mind by hearing about the unavailability of Netflix on FaceTime iOS 15. If you really to know how streaming works on the latest iOS 15 continue reading the following article.

How to watch Netflix on FaceTime iOS 15?
How to watch Netflix on FaceTime iOS 15?

How to Watch Netflix using FaceTime on iOS 15? – Alternate Method

By integrating the SharePlay feature with some advanced functions, Apple has done a great job. Additionally, it lets iPhone users listen to Apple Music, co-watch movies, browse albums, and much more. Here we can make use of the alternative apps as we don’t have Netflix on FaceTime.

As the SharePlay feature is integrated directly with the FaceTime app, it enables us to have seamless movie streaming with our friends and family members. The steps mentioned below will guide you to watch your favorite movies with your friends in a FaceTime call.

Step 1:

Open the FaceTime app on your iPhone or iPad that is running on the latest iOS 15.

Step 2:

Click on the ‘Create Link’ option.

Step 3:

Now, tap on the (i) button near the link and choose the Sharelink option.

Step 4:

Share the meeting link with your friends and family members in any of the messaging apps that you wish.

Step 5:

It can be also done using the ‘New FaceTime’ option.

Step 6:

Click on the New FaceTime option and select the participants with whom you want to share the movie.

Step 7:

Once you select the participants, click on the ‘FaceTime’ option to initiate the meeting immediately.

Step 8:

Once you are in the meeting, tap on the ‘Screenshare’ option present at the top-right corner of the control panel.

Step 9:

Then, click on the ShareMyScreen option that appears by pop-up.

Step 10:

Navigate to the streaming app of your wish and start playing the movie that you wish to stream. Click the SharePlay option to start streaming your movie with your family and friends.


That’s all to the methods of watching Netflix on FaceTime iOS 15. Unfortunately, the streaming monster Netflix is not available on FaceTime iOS 15. But, we have given some of the popular streaming services that you can use with FaceTime on the latest iOS 15. The smart functionality of SharePlay is it automatically adjusts the volume when you chat with your friends while you are watching the movie. I hope you would have got a clear perception of the possibilities of watching Netflix on FaceTime iOS15.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch Netflix on FaceTime iOS 15?

Unfortunately, no, you can’t stream the Netflix app on FaceTime iOS. Moreover, the Netflix app doesn’t support the features of FaceTime iOS. Moreover, the main reason is that Netflix does not support the most recent SharePlay feature.

Can I get Netflix for free?

Netflix is not available for free. But you can change the plan or cancel the subscription plans at any time. Seemingly, there are no contracts, no cancellation fees, and no commitments. Moreover, you can sign up for the app and enjoy all the benefits of the Netflix app has to offer.

Why Can’t I Screenshare Netflix on Facetime?

You can’t screen share Netflix on Facetime as Netflix does not support shareplay as of now. So, it is not possible to stream Netflix on Facetime instead you can watch some other streaming apps to watch movies.

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