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What Chanel is NBA on Optimum? [Updated 2022]

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NBA on Optimum: The craving for searching ends only when you reach the ultimate destination. Likewise, this article is the perfect destination to know about the best sports channel on Optimum.

Optimum is a basic cable TV and internet provider in the U.S. It gets the most popular TV shows and channels to your desired device.

You can stream popular shows in various genres on multiple channels. But what is the best channel to watch sports, especially basketball?

NBA TV is undoubtedly the best channel to watch sports on Optimum if you live in the U.S. NBA or National Basketball Association is one of the well-known basketball leagues in North America.

In simple words, NBA is the perfect destination to know everything about the men’s professional basketball league in the world.

Furtherly, the NBA channel and the app provide you with basketball game scores, match highlights, news, and much more.

In addition, it also gets you the game schedules, post-match highlights, and personalized content about your favorite team and players.

But is NBA available on Optimum? What channel is NBA on Optimum? Let’s find that in the following article in detail. 

What Chanel is NBA on Optimum?

The best app to get insights into popular sports is now available on Optimum. Being one of the best cable TV providers in the U.S, Optimum has more than 300 channels.

NBA on Optimum

What Channel is NBA on Optimum?

Moreover, you will need the NBA TV channel to watch the NBA shows. Because there is no separate channel for NBA.

Indeed, it can be hard in locating the NBA TV channel on your device. But the struggle is no more. Here is the exact location to find the NBA channel on your Optimum service. 

Streaming Service – Optimum

Channel Name – NBA TV

Channel Number – SD –> 148, HD –> 789

Popular Shows on NBA TV

Here is the list of popular programming available on NBA TV. 

  • NBA Crunchtime
  • Beyond the Paint
  • 10 before Tip
  • NBA TV Originals
  • NBA Inside Stuff
  •  Open Court
  • Game of the day
  • NBA  Action


I hope the above article helped you find and access the NBA TV on Optimum. Indeed, you will need the NBA TV app or channel to stream NBA content on your desired streaming device. Make sure you have a valid NBA subscription to watch your favorite games on NBA without any hassle. 

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