How to Mute Participants in Webex Meeting?

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Mute Participants in Webex Meeting: Hey guys! Everyone knows that now the situation is not well. So, we can only protect ourselves from some infections. At this time, Schools, Colleges, and Business places are conducting their meetings and assigning work through online conferences. Here, plenty of Video conferencing and Audio conferencing apps are available for Students and Employees.

Online classes are quite easy for higher and middle-class students. But, this is not suitable for Kinder garden students. Not only for Students, but this is also more difficult for Employees. Sometimes, we may not find a perfect place to attend the meetings. This makes the Employee or Student uncomfortable. At the same time, the hoster also may feel exasperated.

One of the best Video Conferencing apps is Webex Meeting. It allows its users, who is the host of the meeting, to mute all the participants. Is this nice? Yeah! It is a really cool idea to escape from the interruption. You can mute the participant in two different methods. Let’s see how to mute them.

How to Mute all the Participants during Webex meeting?

In case you conduct the meeting on Webex. In the middle of the meeting, you need to mute all the participants, then follow the below-given steps without a skip.

Mute Participants in Webex Meeting
How to mute all participants in a Webex meeting?

Step 1: 

Firstly, go to the menu bar on the meeting window.

Step 2:

Then, select the Participants option on the menu.

Step 3:

Under the Participants, click on the Mute all option.

Step 4:

Finally, you mute all the participants in the meeting.

How to Mute all the Participants while joining the meeting?

You can also mute the participants when they entered the meeting. Just follow the below-given instructions to mute them easily.

Step 1:

Firstly, Create a new meeting on Webex.

Step 2:

Select the Participant option on the toolbar.

Step 3:

Then, Click on The Mute On Entry button to mute the participants in the meeting.

Step 4:

The new participants will be muted by default.


Can I mute all the participants in Webex?

Yeah. The Host or Cohost only can mute all the participants. With the Mute all option, you can have everyone in the meeting except the Host, Cohost, and Current Presenter.

How do I mute myself on Webex?

Click on the Ctrl+M button on your keyboard for Windows. For Mac, click Command+ Shift+ M to mute or unmute yourself. If you want to speak while mute, then press the space bar and speak. This helps to unmute temporarily.


With the above-given instructions, you can mute the participants in the meeting when they joined or while the meeting. If you want to mute them temporarily, then you can go for the Mute all option. Or else, select the Mute on Entry button to mute the participants who are all interrupting the meeting. We hope this article will help you to mute the participants in the meeting.

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