How To Install Mt65XX Preloader Driver For Windows In 2021

Hi guys, today I’m here with another interesting piece of content. Guess what? Yes, the content is on how to install the Mt65xx preloader driver for Windows. Let’s see what is Mt65xx driver is and why it’s so important in this content. Continue with the flow.

What is the Mt65xx preloader driver? Wait, first of all, what is a Driver on a computer? Let’s get a short note on it. In a fundamental sense, a driver is a software component in a computer that lets the operating system and a recipient device to communicate with each other.

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In simple terms, a driver is a computer program by which we can operate or control the device that is attached to the computer. According to Wikipedia, A driver provides a software interface to hardware devices.

The main purpose of the driver is to act as a translator between the hardware device and the operating system that uses it. It’s really hard to give a precise definition to the term Driver. A driver communicates with the device through the communication subsystem to which the hardware connects.

Likewise, the Mt65xx preloader driver has various uses. Well, let’s get into the sole purpose of this content on installing the Mt65xx driver to your computer. Continue reading the below guide.

What Is Mt65xx Preloader Driver?

Mt65xx preloader driver is more similar in function to other drivers available. As it’s a MediaTek driver it is more powerful and it can function in a more stable manner. You have a lot of uses with these drivers. But the main functionality is, it helps the PC to recognize your smartphone.

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Let’s see the features of this Mt65xx driver,

  • Helps to flash any old or new firmware.
  • You can have a custom recovery of your devices.
  • It helps in unlocking the bootloader of your devices.
  • Helps to unbrick dead smartphones.
  • No advertisements and bloatware.
  • You no need to pay any additional charges to access these drivers.

These are the features of these drivers. Now, time to install these significant drivers to your PC. Continue with the following methods.

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There are certain requirements in order to install these drivers on your PC.

  • PC with Windows XP or Windows 7/8/10.
  • At least 500MB of RAM.
  • Secure internet connection.
  • USB Vcom drivers.
  • Android smartphone.
  • USB data cable.

If you are ready with the requirements, let’s get into the methods of installing the Mt65xx preloader driver.

Method 1: How To Install Mt65xx Preloader Driver

Follow this method to install the Mt65xx driver on your computer. Make sure that your PC has a secure internet connection and continue with the following steps.

MT65xx Preloader Driver
Install MT65xx Preloader Driver for Windows

STEP1: Initially download a driver on your PC from a genuine website.

STEP2: Extract the downloaded Mt65xx drivers to a specific folder that can be easily accessed by you.

STEP3: Open the .exe file and install the drivers on your PC by right-clicking on it.

STEP4: Once installed, Reboot your computer.

You can see that the Mt65xx drivers are successfully installed on your PC. If this method fails, continue with the following method.

Method 2: How To Install Mt65xx Preloader Driver

If the above method fails, don’t worry. Continue with the following method carefully to install Mt65xx drivers on your PC.

STEP1: Download the Mt65xx drivers from a genuine website.

STEP2: Now, find the .exe file and open it normally.

STEP3: Carry on with the installation procedures carefully.

Now, you have successfully installed the Mt65xx drivers on your computer.


That’s all guys. This is all about the installation methods for Mt65xx preloader drivers. I hope the content will be useful and satisfactory. By using the above-given methods you can easily install the Mt65xx drivers on your PC. I insist you download the drivers from a genuine website. Using these drivers you can easily connect your smartphone with your PC. After a successful connection, you can perform several functions with these drivers.

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