What Channel is MeTV on Optimum?

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MeTV on Optimum: Are you a classical movies and shows fan? If yes, then this article is only for you. Here we fetch a great platform to stream your favorite classical content. The most appropriate Channel is ‘Me TV.’

The Me TV channel is among the most famous American broadcast television networks. The Weigel Broadcasting company owns the MeTV channel. Me TV is known as Memorable Entertainment Television.

Luckily, The MeTV has many organized contents. The Me TV network devotes to airing classic TV shows from the 1950s to 2000.

Indeed, MeTV includes Sci-fi TV shows, Drama series, Anthology series, and Western TV Series.

MeTV allows you to stream your On-demand content for free. Select an over-the-air option on your MeTV to stream your on-demand content without Extra Charge, and there is no need for any registration for streaming.

Keep reading this article continuously because, by the upcoming point, we will give you more essential points about MeTV on Optimum.

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About Optimum

Optimum is one of the most extensive Streaming services in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and North Carolina. Optimum is an Internet, TV, Mobile, and home phone service provider company.

The Optimum Service is the 4th largest Cable provider in the United States. Optimum service provides a high-speed network to the customers. The Altic USA company is Owens and products the Optimum Service.

Optimum has 420+ channels with Four types of Optimum packages. they are, Optimum Basic–> $30 per month/ 50+ Channels, Optimum Core–> $75 per month/220+ Channels, Optimum Select–> $95 per month/340+ Channels, Optimum Prime–> $115 per month/420+ Channels.

What Channel is MeTV on Optimum?

Undoubtedly, MeTV is available on optimum service. Indeed, Using this streaming service, you can stream your desired content on Me TV. Furthermore, optimum service provides high-speed internet to the users.

MeTV on Optimum
What Channel is MeTV on Optimum?

By the way, please continue to read this article, because here we will declare the exact channel number and give you more information about Me TV on Optimum.

Streaming Service – Optimum

Channel Name – Me TV

Channel Number – 33

Popular Shows on MeTV

You can Stream your favorite MeTV on-demand content by subscribing to the MeTV channel because the MeTV channel has so many popular shows. Here, we list some exciting shows for you.


Svengoolie is an American-hosted Horror movie television program. The show is a long-running program in the Chicago area and, in recent years, expanded Nationally. This show is airing Saturday nights on Me TV. Basically, the feature of the Shows is Horror and Science fiction films. The Eponymous Character Svengoolie hosts this show. The show’s original title was screaming yellow Theater with host Sivangoolie. Its 25th anniversary in 2004 presented the silver circle award by the Chicago Academy of Television Arts and science for its “outstanding contribution to Chicago television.”

Toon In With Me

Toon In with me is an American Live-action/animated anthology television series. Occasionally, the show airs on weekday mornings on Me TV and Weekends on Me TV Plus. Especially the show’s premiere episodes were seen by more than 500,000 viewers Nationally. The Toon In With Me Show hosts the live-action segment by bill, a cartoon curator, and his friend Toony the Tuna. In addition, this show’s each episode contains five classic animated shorts. Finally,  this show ends with Bill and Toony showing off drawings and photos sent by fans via the Show’s Website.

Full House

Full House is also an American television sitcom. Jeff Franklin creates the Full House show. This show achieves eight seasons and 192 broadcasting episodes. In addition, a sequel series Full House, premier episodes were available on Netflix. Mainly, the show is about a widowed father and how he raised his three daughters with his friend and brother-in-law’s help.


Cannon is an American best detective television series. Quin Martin produces this show. Actually, the show is a portrait of the Korean War and a former Los Angeles Police Department member. Successfully, the Cannon show achieves 122 episodes and five seasons. In the series, William Conrad was the only main cast member. The cannon show tells about a man cannon, who is a widower. He lost his wife and son in a bomb attack while in the police force.


Batman is a Famous 1960s American Live action television series. Generally, this show is based on the Dc Comic book Character of the Same name. This show includes good manners like using seat belts, doing homework, eating vegetables, etc. This series is famous for its camp style and upbeat theme music. This program mainly focuses on teenage audiences. The Batman program includes intentionally humorous and straightforward moral content. This program archives 12o episodes and also three seasons.

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Finally, this is the time to conclude the Me TV on Optimum. The Optimum Service is the best platform to Stream your Me TV on-demand content. We hope our article will give you more information to reach your destination. Otherwise, if you have any doubts, keep following our website and clarify your doubts. Indeed, by following our website, you can get more information about your desired topics through our upcoming Articles.


Where Can I find MeTV?

Luckily, MeTV is available and entirely Free on the Me TV Website. This is because Hulu powers the streaming on Me TV website. But unfortunately, you didn’t find the Hulu Brand for most shows except the Hulu brand logo on the bottom of the page.

What are the Spanish channels on Optimum?

The Optimum Streaming Service has several Spanish channels like Gol TV, MTV, Univision, and BelN Sports en Espanol.

Where can I Watch MeTV Live?

You can stream Live  MeTV content as well as other over-the-air local channels like Cozi and Laff. You stream your favorite content from anywhere at any time by choosing Over-the-air on your MeTV.

How many packages are in Optimum Service?

The Optimum Streaming service has the four best and most comfortable packages. They are Optimum Basic, Optimum Core, Optimum select, and Optimum prime.

MeTV stands For?

The complete form of MeTV is Memorable Entertainment Television. This Channel is an American famous television Network.