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What Channel is Masters Game on DirecTV? [Updated 2022]

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Masters Game on DirecTV: Every nation will have its own national game, which will be their favorite.

Concerningly, Golf is the favorite game of Scotland. But it is not essential to be a Scotlandian to like and play Golf.

Currently, there are many professional Golf matches that attract people from all over the world.

Unlike the olden days, at this point, we have many online apps to watch Golf matches from the rest of your couch.

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To talk about the golf matches, Masters Game is one of the popular and professional golf tournaments in the U.S.

And Direc TV is the official 4K broadcaster of the Masters game. Seemingly, DirectTV has a plethora of channels.

Among them, it can be hard to find the exact location of the Masters Game. Don’t worry. The following article will help you locate and access the Masters Game on Direc TV. 

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What Channel is Masters Game on DirecTV?

Indeed, it is not possible to access Masters Game directly on Direc TV. As Masters Game is a sports program, you will need a Direc TV compatible streaming service to watch it.

Masters Game on DirecTV

What Channel is Masters Game on DirecTV?

For that, you can use several streaming services like ESPN, ESPN+, CBS, Fubo TV, and much more.

Concerning that, the following portion of this article will give you the complete list of channels to watch Masters Game on DirecTV. 

Streaming service – DirecTV 

Channel name – ESPN –> No. 206

Channel name – CBS –> No. 122


I hope you have found the exact channel to watch Masters Game on your DirecTV. Seemingly, DirecTV is the native broadcaster of the Master Golf Tournament.

So it won’t be a great deal to access your favorite Golf matches on DirecTV. Indeed, you use various online streaming apps like ESPN and CBS to watch the Masters Game.

Refer to the above post for more details. Stay in touch with our site to get updated with the channels on DirecTV. Thank You. 

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