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How to Make Discord Server? [Simple Guide]

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Make Discord Server: Discord is one of the popular as well as growing platforms. Discord has millions of users. With Discord, you can easily connect with your gaming friends and other discord users. Also, Discord offers a lot of features such as joining any server, changing themes, using emojis, making a voice call, and so on.

Likewise, you can easily create a new server on your own with Discord. There are no restrictions to making a new community. With discord servers, you can discuss and share many things with your server members. As well, you can create a server only for your friends or for a bigger community.

Also, you can access it as a public server or private server. The public server will allow all discord users to join your server. It is open to all discord enjoyers. But, the private server is only for your friends. Even it is never shown on the public server list. To create a new server simply, use the below article.

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How to Create Discord Server?

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Creating Discord servers is so simple. Even if you are a new user, you can also easily make one server on your own. Just follow the below procedure to do this.

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Make Discord Server
How to Make Discord Server?

Step 1:

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Firstly, launch Discord on your device.

Step 2:

On your screen, you can see the +button on your left corner below the Home button or your existing servers.

Step 3:

Click on the + icon and it will redirect you to a new window.

Step 4:

Now, you can create a server using a template or your own. Templates are available for a school club, gaming, study group, and so on. You can use any templates at your convenience.

Step 5:

Then, you have to confirm that you create a server for your friends or for the bigger community. 

Step 6:

After that, give the name of your server.

Step 7:

Finally, click on the Create button.

That’s all, now you can start your conversation with your server members. 

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Discord will allow you to create a server as per your wish. With the above-given guide, you can easily create it. Also, you can create the server for your personal purpose like only for your friends. In this case, you can set a server as private. On the Discord servers, you can add more features like assigning a role to the server members. To learn How to Add Roles in Discord, check our page.

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