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How to Make Someone Admin Or Mod on Discord? [Simple Steps]

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Make Someone Admin Or Mod on Discord: Discord is a wide service, and it has millions of users around the world. Basically, Discord is a chatting platform that allows you to communicate with your gaming friends. With Discord, you can create a new server without any restrictions.

As well, maintaining a small community is easy. But, when we come to a large community, it is a little difficult. To solve this problem, you make other people from your server as Admin or Mod. Making someone an Admin or Mod is easy.

Also, it will help you in more ways like managing members, Text, and so on. To learn, how to make someone Admin, you can use the below procedure. In this article, we are showing a simple method to make someone Admin or Mod to your Discord server.

How to Make Someone an Admin on Discord?

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Not only in Discord servers, commonly admin is a most important role in servers or groups. Without an admin, that server will be collapsed quickly. They manage their server and members, handle their voice and text channel.

Make Admin on Discord

How to Make Someone Admin Or Mod on Discord?

It is not a simple thing, handling a server with a large number of people is too difficult. Before, making someone admin, you have to create the necessary role. Making roles is so simple, you can easily do this process with How to Add Roles in Discord?

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In Advanced Permissions, you can see the Administrator option. Now, enable the Administrator option to access relevant permissions for selected roles only. You can provide all the permission except you want to leave disabled. 

Kick/Move/Ban/Mute members: 

Certainly, all the admins have Move, Kick, Mute, and Ban member permission. It will help to maintain a server calmly. You can set an option to ask you before they bam someone from the group. 

Manage Channel:

There is not necessary to modify your server often. So, you can leave this permission and modify your server on your own.

Manage Roles:

Managing Roles is the most important and easy process. So, enable this permission to make your work easy.

The above permissions are optional only. There are no restrictions to enable and disable the permissions. It never affects your server either you permit or not.

After all those processes, you have to choose the trusted person from your Discord server or Friend list. To make someone admin, follow the below steps.

Step 1:

Initially, you have to select the person from your Discord to make them an admin.

Step 2:

Also, you can use the Search option to find the member from your Discord. 

Step 3:

After the selection, right-click on the name and select the Roles option.

Step 4:

Finally, choose the Admin Role.

Now, you successfully make your trusted person as Admin of your server.

How to Make member a Mod on discord?

Mods are also known as Moderators. Also, mods are the another most important role in Discord Server. Mostly, mods handle Micro-management. Mod’s responsibilities are managing Toxic Users, Problematic users, users can report you about Spammers as well as scammers, you can mute or deafen them, and so on. Here, we are going to know some important permission that mods need. As well, you will know what are permissions are unnecessary for Moderators. Some Permissions are given below.

Administrator: Administrator is only necessary for admins, mods need not this permission. So, you can Disable the Administrator option.

Manage Roles: As well, this is also unwanted for Mods. Certainly, disable this option.

Deafen or Mute Member: This is the most important permission for Moderators. So, you have to enable this permission all the time.

Move Members: It is another important permission. Undoubtedly, Mods should have this permission.

Ban or Kick member: This option is not necessary for mods. Normally, mods cannot ban any users from the Server. Ban or Kick member permission is enabled for admin is enough. 

Now, we are going to see how to choose the mod from Discord. Selecting and adding the mod role is similar to the Admin. Use the below-given procedure to assign a mod role.

Step 1: 

Initially, select the person from your Discord friend list or server.

Step 2:

Then, choose the member and rightclick the name.

Step 3:

Now, click the Roles option.

Step 4:

Under roles, select the Mod option and select it.

That’s all, you successfully add Mod to your server. Now you successfully add Mod to your Discord server. In many servers, mod works are done by Bots.


Discord is one of the best platforms to communicate with your gaming friends. Also, Discord provides a lot of features to its users like creating a server, joining the server, and so on. Also, you can make the person admin and mod to your server. Making Someone an admin and Mod is a simple method. To do this, you can use the above-given guide. You can also transfer your Admin role to another user, to learn more about it. 

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