What is a Lunk Alarm at Planet Fitness? Get to Know Everything About it

Are you conscious of your health and fitness? Of course! Most of you have a habit of going gym or fitness centers. Have you ever surfed about planet fitness? What is the specialty of the gym? and why it attracts more people? The foremost thing you have to know is the lunk alarm, which is only available on planet fitness. It is the main reason Planet fitness remains a standard platform across the fitness chain. Take a glance at this article to know more about lunk alarm and its usage inside the planet fitness club.

Planet Fitness

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In America, there are nearly 2040 clubs that integrated each other to make the largest fitness club chains. Likewise, Planet Fitness is one of the fitness chains in America with an affordable cock among any other fitness centers. In simple words, Planet fitness is a kind of gym that only focuses on giving a comfortable gym environment. Moreover, it strongly aims to be judgment-free and let people do a workout without discomfort. It is why the Planet gym has become an affordable & friendly fitness environment.

Planet Fitness is the right place for any newcomers to feel eco-friendly center. One more best part is, few of their gyms remain open even for 24 hours and seven days a week. Usually, any other gym focuses the bodybuilders. But, the Planet gym encourages the remaining ordinary gym comers to be stronger and active. Here, they kept a lunk alarm to warning the unwanted activities of the gym comers. So, what it is? Who maintains this alarm? Let us see further.

What is a Lunk alarm?

The name of the Lunk alarm transparently indicates that it is a kind of alarm or siren. It sounds like a loud siren in the Planet Fitness center when people do unwelcome behavior. Actually, You cannot set up the alarm anymore. The staff working on Planet Fitness will control the alarm, and he screens out the activities of gym comers. Whenever the staff notice unwanted activities like dopping weights, misusing the gym equipment, grunt while doing workouts, and much more. Who all are crossing the rules of Planet Fitness, the Lunk alarm sounds off. Instantly, It pauses their workouts and grabs their attention. For instance, the alarm sounds often when a person drops a heavyweight on the floor and tries to lift any of the hard equipment.

Rules of Lunk alarm

The term lunk indicates that a person seeks attention upon themselves, either intentionally or accidentally. If the manager or alerted staff in Planet fitness notices any inappropriate behavior, he will play the Lunk siren. Immediately, the one who is responsible for the behavior will expel from the center. Most importantly, the Planet fitness club motivates the newcomers to throw out the inferiority within them.

What is Lunk Alarm
What is Lunk Alarm at Planet Fitness

By the way, if any nuisance occurs to the newcomers, they keep a lunk alarm to prevent discomfort situations. It strictly says that any unprofessional activities, prohibited inside the gym. If you give any disturbance or grunt while lifting weights, they will throw you out from the club. Along with that, the lunk alarm makes a sound whenever you dress up mismatch with the weather. Thus, the lunk alarm sounds on whenever it seems you are breaking the PF rules.

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What is the main objective of the lunk alarm?

The lunk alarm plays a vital role in Planet fitness. The reason is, they look on to encourage the ordinary people who want to workouts without any hesitations. One of the objectives is, even a beginner should stay stronger mentally in front of heavy lifters and bodybuilders. In addition to that, they aim to serve middle-class people who suffer from financial crises but also want to maintain healthy fitness.


Does PF have a lunk alarm at present?

Yes, It damn exists. Now, we are in 2021, and still, they keep on using the lunk alarm. It will raise the siren loudly whenever the rule-breakers are performing activities in the PF. Literally, it shakes your ear with extremely loud noise with glimmering blue light effects.

What are all the actions that include rule-breaking?

Rule-breaking activities include grunting, lifting, breathing too loudly, treating co-workers inequally, giving inferiority complex to newcomers, clothing or dressing inappropriate to the weather, slams heavyweight, and so on. Breaking their rules continuously for an extended period will lead to getting a lunk alarm.

Some of the PF members feel that their rules are so weird. They restrict wearing jean clothes also. It seems like the craziest rule ever. But, if you refused the dress code, you are considered as breaking their rule. It results to get the lunk alarm, which leads to kick you off from the Planet gym.

What are the membership options available in Planet fitness?

Usually, they offer 2 different options at a reasonable cost.

  • $10 per month – to access just for working out in one home club.
  • $22.99 / month – to access more than one club in many locations with additional benefits.

Bottom Line

Let’s wrap up! Lunk alarm alerted with a 110db tornado loud siren. Most of the time, it is up to the staff who maintains the alarm. Think about the 110db range of noise and how far it tears up your ear muscles. Nowadays, lunk alarm turns into a challenge between the people in the gym. They thought it will be a judgment-free environment for the gym-goers. But, it sometimes does cons also to the people. I hope you are well-known with the purpose of lunk alarm set up in the Planet fitness. That’s all we like to share with you through this article.

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