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How to Log Out of the Discord App? [Complete Guide]

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Log Out of Discord: Are you a Discord User? Do you want to Log Out of your Discord Account? Log out is also a simple process like logging in. If you log out of your Discord account, then you cannot access Discord features. As well, Discord is one of the best sources to interact with your gaming friends and other Discord users.

It is a fast-growing platform and it has millions of users around the world. Discord offers tons of features. But, Discord is also like other online platforms. No matter how good features it provides, Discord also has cons. Sometimes, you may face any trouble from Discord, or for any other reason, you want to leave from the Discord app.

If you want to leave Discord, keep reading this article to the end without any skipping. Log Out procedure is too simple, you can do it with a single step. But, once you log out of your account, you cannot access it. Also, you will miss all its features. However, you want to log out of your Discord account, let’s get into the article.

How to Log Out of Discord?

Logging Out of your Discord app is a simple process. With the below steps, you can easily exit from Discord. 

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Log Out of the Discord App
How to Log Out of the Discord App?

Step 1:

Launch your Discord on your Device.

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Step 2:

Go to the User Settings option.

Step 3:

Under User Settings, you can see the red Log Out option button of the menu.

Step 4:

Click on the Log Out button to leave Discord.

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Finally, you leave the Discord successfully. As well you can easily delete your Discord account with our guides. To delete your account, visit How to Delete Discord Account?


That’s all about logging out of Discord. Discord is one of the popular as well as the best platforms to connect with thousands of people. With Discord, you can join any server and access all its features.

In case you decided to leave the Discord, you can use the above-given procedure. But, you never access it once you leave Discord. We hope this article will provide all the information regarding log out of your Discord app in an easy manner.

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