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[Fixed] How to Fix LG TV Screen Share not Working on Windows & iPhone?

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Fix LG TV Screen Share Not Working: Hey Peeps and pals! Have you tried to share your compact mobile screen on your LG TV? If not, surf the Screen share feature on your TV. Actually, It is a wireless connection to connect two different gadgets. It allows sharing PC, laptops, and smartphone screens as it is on televisions.

Anyone can easily enable this feature on your TV. Sometimes, when you try to share the screen, your TV not accepts the request. Or else, it shows connection failure and prompts you to retry again. In such cases, what will you do? In such cases, read this article till the end and do the reconnection. Come on. Try it!

Screen Share feature

The screen share feature enriches the performance of smart TVs. It is very comfortable to project the video elements from the packet gadgets into the big TV screen. At present, all the brands of smart TVs are included this immersive feature. Many smartphones, PCs, laptops are compatible with the screen share option. To make an uninterrupted connection, you need not put much effort. Moreover, it will take less time to set up the wireless connection.

LG TV screen share option not working – Why?

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If you suppose to make a screen share connection between the PC and LG TV, you may be stuck with connectivity issues. It is because of improper WIFI access, or you haven’t set up both devices under the same Internet access. And also, you may suppose to face some other technical reasons. Whatever stops your connection process, you can fix it easily by doing the remedies stated in the following section.

Common problems & Basic troubleshooting methods

Let us troubleshoot the problems with simple techniques. You may not be a technical expert to analyze the problems. Anyhow, simple tricks are enough to solve these types of issues. Go through this post and read the respective section twice to fix the screen share problems.

LG Screen Share not working

How to Fix LG Screen Share not working

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Checklist: Following checklists are useful to predict the Shreen share connectivity issues quickly. Do check one by one.

  • Check out the WIFI connection
  • Check out the updates
  • Then, Check out the TV input mode

Check out the WIFI connection:

This is the first and foremost issue that LG users fail to put more concentration on. The reliable connection is highly based on the strength of your Internet access. Before proceeding with the screen share process, ensure to give the same WIFI access, between the two devices. This is simply done by checking the name of the WIFI access. If the same name is found on both devices, they are connected to each other.

Sufficient internet bandwidth is more important to overcome this issue. That should give seamless internet with consistent speed. Once you checked, start to share your device on the LG TV.

Check out the updates

Next, you have to keep an eye on regular updates on your device. Sometimes, the casting devices or the LG TV run under an outdated operating system. At that time, you attempt to share your screen, kindly check the software updates.

To check out the updates,

  • First, press the settings button on the remote.
  • Then, visit the system settings
  • This section intimates that any updates waiting for you.
  • If it shows any recent updates, update it soon.

Check out the TV input mode

If your TV runs under the incorrect mode, it will interrupt your connection. If the input source is set as an HDMI connection, it won’t accept any other wireless connection. As we knew, the HDMI  is said to be wired access. To initiate wireless access, we have to change the settings accordingly. Takes off your view to the below section to fix this issue.

  • Initially, take the LG remote and press the Settings button. It will take you to the settings panel on your LG TV.
  • Here, look for the input If it’s not there, click the Sources option.
  • If it seems HDMI connection or any other hardware source connection, this is the reason for the disconnection.
  • Now, you need to change this setting. Set the source into the mirroring Or else, Wireless screen sharing.
  • Along with that, add your Bluetooth connection as well for further wireless connections.

Restart the mirroring device and the LG TV

If any of the above-mentioned methods are not work well for you, restart both devices. Sometimes, your PC or smartphones are not ready to share their screen. At this spot, switch it off and restart the device. Meanwhile, reboot your LG smart TV too. Restarting the devices is helpful to solve many minor unknown issues.


Why can’t I connect my laptop to LG TV?

It is to special mention that your laptop must run under the latest operating system. See that you are using a Windows 8 or later to that version. Unfortunately, you are not able to enable the screen share features on an older version of Windows OS. In fact, you can’t even find the sharing option on your device.

Why can’t I screen to share the Windows 10 on my LG TV?

As we discussed earlier, only the latest Windows versions are compatible with the screen share feature. If you are using Windows 10, but still having connectivity issues, read out this entire article. Try out all the generic common issues and respective troubleshooting ideas.

Final Verdict

All the generic issues are commonly occurring in all kinds of  TVs. Not everything is error-free and stays long-lasting. According to the situation, handle the best solution to resolve the problem. At that time, our article will really help you to overcome the issues in all possible ways.

Once you get rid of the problem, you may aware of it. So that, you can easily implement the same right solution whenever you are stuck. That’s all we want to say regarding the LG TV screen share Not working option.

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