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How to Leave Discord Voice Channel? [Complete Guide]

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Leave Discord Voice Channel: Hey People! Discord is one of the best platforms to communicate with your friends and other Discord users without any restrictions. Also, it offers a lot of features such as theme changing, interacting with your gaming friends while playing games.

Likewise, you can make a voice call with your friends with Discord. Do you ever try this feature? If yes, you may face this situation that how can I cut the call? If yes, this article will explain to you how to do that in a simple way.

There are no restrictions to making a voice call on Discord. Even, you can communicate with your friend while your playtime. Making calls is so simple as well as leaving from the Discord Voice call is too easy. It has a button for leaving.

You can leave the voice call in two different manners. So, learn the procedure to leave from the Discord Voice call, keep reading this article to the end.

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How to leave Discord Voice Channel?

Leaving from the Discord Voice Channel is a single-step process. You can directly leave the voice channel by clicking the X icon. To do this process, follow the below-given procedure.

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Leave Discord Voice Channel
How to Leave Discord Voice Channel?

Step 1:

Launch your Discord on your device.

Step 2:

At the bottom of the screen, you can see your username and avatar.

Step 3:

You can see the X icon nearer to the telephone icon. Click on the X button to leave from the voice channel.

Step 4:

After the clicking, the call will immediately disconnect.

Or else, you can close the Discord application to leave a Voice channel. Exiting from the Discord also helps to disconnect the Voice call.

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But, just clicking the X button on your right corner is not enough to exit from the voice channel. It just minimizes Discord only.

So, check all the hidden trays. To close Discord, right-click the Discord icon and Click Quit Discord.


With Discord, you will get tons of features. Among those, a voice call is one of them. You can make a voice call with your friends simply. As well you can easily leave from the voice call. If you have any doubt regarding leaving from the Discord Voice call, you can use the above-given procedures. There are two different methods to leave from the vice call. Both are easy, so use any of the methods at your convenience.

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