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How to Leave Discord Server? [Simple Guide]

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Leave Discord Server: Hey Discord People! With Discord, you can easily connect with your friends and other Discord users. Also, Discord provides a lot of features to its users. Here, you will meet thousands of people and you can communicate with them. As well you can join your favorite servers too. And Discord will allow you to create your own server and add your friends as per your wish.

You can create many numbers of servers without any restriction. Likewise, Discord allows you to join any server, here also no boundaries. Discord also has some cons. Likewise, sometimes we may face any trouble from server members or any other issues that arrive due to the server. At the time, you have to take any steps to escape from those problems.

In case, you decided to leave that particular server, but you don’t know how to leave. Hereafter you need not worry about it, we are going to learn the simple procedure to leave from the server. Let’s get into the article to know the simple tricks to do it. 

How to Leave from Discord Server on Desktop?

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You can easily leave from the Discord server on your Desktop. Follow the below-given steps to get the best guide.

Leave Discord Server

How to Leave Discord Server?

Step 1:

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Launch your Discord and go to the server page.

Step 2:

Select any server and right-click your mouse.

Step 3:

You will get a pop-up and select the Leave Server option.

Step 4:

After the successful selection, you can easily leave the server without any restrictions.

How to Leave A Discord Server on Mobile?

Are you using Discord on your Smartphone? Do you want to leave from the Discord Server? You can use the below steps to leave from the server. More or less the leaving procedure is similar to the Desktop.

Step 1:

Launch the Discord on your mobile.

Step 2:

Now, you can see your existing servers on your screen, select the server that you want to leave.

Step 3:

Long press the server and click on the Leave option.

Step 4:

Finally, you successfully leave the server.


With discord, you can communicate with your gaming friends and other discord users. As well, you can join your favorite servers. Discord servers provide a lot of content to their members. Mostly, it is created to discuss any certain content like movies, games, TV shows, and so on. But, sometimes we want to exit from that particular server due to any issues. To leave from the Discord server, you can use the above-given guide. 

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