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In this Guide, You can get to know about the KGWT Pro APK and the procedure to install it on your device.

Are you a person who is more interested in maintaining your phone with a unique widget setting that is not found in others?. Are you more curious to know which app would help you to develop your own widget setting for your android launcher and lock screen?. Yes, this app will be the right choice for your desire to create your own designs for your Android launcher and lock screen.

About KGWT

The Kgwt Kustom widget-maker is one of the powerful widgets that help most of the youth today. It uses the WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get editor) to help us create our own designs and display our Android with any data that we wish to display. Low battery usage in one of the important plus point of this app. Whereas others consume a large amount of charge and cause drainage of battery. Thus this app serves to be a very useful app for those who expect a difference from others by being unique and classy.

  1. It provides us with the setting of customized watches like digital and analog clocks. However, we can use the application according to our comfortability.
  2. It also provides us with  the live map widgets setting that would help us to see the live location
  3. Weather widgets provide information about the weather instantly anywhere anytime.
  4. A variety of Text widgets are also available with most unique features which look stunning and fabulous with different calligraphic styles.
  5. It also helps us to maintain a sophisticated battery or memory meters which other apps do not offer.
  6. It also gives the accessibility to randomly changing images which brings a feel of a live transfer of images one after the other.
  7. In addition, it also delights us with the music player setup which shows the song played at present and it’s additional information.
  8. And also there are many other specific setting Facilities like work clocks and astronomy widgets etc… which creates great interest in the user of this app to explore more and more.

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Features of KGWT Pro APK

  1. Almost a thousand free widgets are available in the pro version.
  2. Text with different custom fonts, colors, size and effects can be created. It also includes varied shapes like rectangle, triangle, ovals, arcs and more.
  3. 3D flipped transformation is present in addition to curved and skewed text formats. Additional features provided are Gradients, shadows, tilling and color filters which add a more realistic structure with added charm.
  4. Layers with overlay effects like a photo editor or pro image. Such as blur, clear, xor, difference, saturation and etc…are accessible
  5. There is accessibility to Touch action or hotspot on any object that you create is a very useful feature provided by this app. Status bar notifications such as the text, images package name etc…are visible according to our convenience.
  6. PNG, JPG, WEBp image and SVG- scalable vector graphics,  support with scalar bulletin picture scaler is one of the notable features of this app.
  7. Google fitness supports such as calories, sleep, distance, steps, etc …are also available in the setting.
  8. A complex programming language with functions is found and also the conditionals and global variables are provided.
  9. It arbitrarily changes the widget background or aspects based on touch, time, weather, location and so on
  10. A dynamic download of content through HTTP are also it’s a specific feature, for example, live maps, weather, etc
  11. Native music utilities such as the current playing song, the album from which it is taken, cover of the song.
  12. Multiple weather providers such as the Open Weather Map,  Darksky (plugin), Accu weather(plugin), etc..are used. There are numerous plugins like these and can be installed according to our choice.
  13. RSS and the free XML or XPATH or text download are also accessible in this app.
  14. Tasker support such as the load preset via tasker, change variable via tasker and so on are available.
  15. A huge amount of data can be displayed such as date, time, calendar, battery, astronomy. CPU speed memory countdowns traffic info, network data, Wifi and cellular status, next alarm. Location, moving speed, rom/ device, and much more according to our wish.

KGWT Pro APK File Information

Name: Kustom Widget Maker


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Version: 3.44b5017

Developer: Kustom Industries

Category: Personalization

Supported version: Android 5.0 and higher

Last Update: March 2020

Play Store: Link

Download Kustom Widget Maker Pro APK Latest Version

KGWT Pro APK Download
Install KGWT Pro Key APK

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How to Download and Install KGWT Pro APK?

Step1: Move on to the Settings on your device.

Step2: Move on to the Security or Privacy tab.

Step3: In that, you can find unknown sources. Just Turn it On.

Step4: Now, Click on the Download KGWT Pro APK Button from the above download section.

Step5: It will begin to download and completes within a minute.

Step6: Then Click on the APK file to open.

Step7: A installation wizard appears, in that click on Install.

Step8: Installation begins and completes in a minute.

Step9: Click on Done.

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Kustom widget maker mod apk
Kustom widget maker pro Key APK

In a nutshell

This app is one of the powerful and low battery wastage apps which helps in the setting of Android launcher. And screen lock according to our own wish. It helps us to create own designs, to make it unique and special there are numerous plugins available for a better experience. There is two versions of Kwgt custom widget maker. One is free for installation and the other may sometimes charge for its download and installation.

This KWGT Pro APK consist of numerous free widget setting prior in its initial settings. KWGT Pro APK alone is not enough for a better experience, we also need the Kwgt Custom widget-maker app in addition to explore more. And this App helpful for creating a limitless and styled fabulous Android launcher and screen lock. Give life to your imagination and be the unique rise and march forward with your own style which others will admire and desires to create for them. If you are in need of any other application, Visit Your Tech List

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