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What is Keystrokes Per Hour test? What is Average Keystrokes Per Hour?

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Hey, typewriters! Typewriting is the essential thing to access the computer, especially for entering data & information. As we need to store a massive range of data’s in a digital platform, we have to feed the data into the computer memory. At this spot, we should have basic knowledge of typing. Moreover, it is a skill of typing a collective range of words within a given time. Many people are seeking data entry jobs. To those, typewriting skill plays a huge role in the selection process. Let us come to the topic. In this article, we will talk over the term Keystrokes and Keystrokes per hour test briefly.

Keystrokes – means?

Keystrokes measure the number of key depressions, which is also represents typing speed. Most probably, the typewriters came across the word Strokes or Keystrokes. It is the term used in computer terminology regarding typing.

Keystrokes per hour test

As we know, we have alphabetical keys and numerical keys on the keyboard. While performing typing or entering any data, we have to press the keys. Once you press one key, you are performing a keystroke. Likewise, each time you tap the key, you keep on performing keystrokes. The speed of typing per hour is widely varying from beginner to higher level of typewriters. You can test your typing speed yourself through the KSPH test.

There are many typing applications available on the online market. Once you google it, you can choose any of the web platforms to take a typing test. Install it on your compatible devices like smartphones or computers. There, you can type whatever you want. It may be a context or your favorite books. If that is not comfortable for you, you can type it on the Wordpad and check out the word count. Simultaneously, set up the timer. Initially, set the time limit for 10 minutes. After that, gradually test the speed for one hour.

  • For example, if you are using a word counter, get inside the webpage. Be ready with the practicing pad or any books.
  • Set the timer and start to type. Instantly, you can notice the word count.
  • Once you complete the test, don’t stop within 10 minutes. Erase the textbox and Restart the test or refresh the webpage to get a fresh look.
  • Here, you can check out the writing statistics that you are typing. It helps to find out the average speed of typing.

How to measure KPH in Ten Key Tests?

KPH refers to the standard of measuring data entry speed. The KPH tests help to measure the speed and also improve your speed of typing. After you perform the KPH test, click on the show errors option. It will point out the mistakes you have made. For each mistake, you will lose points. When you practice more, you can reduce your errors.

The mistakes mostly occur as misspelled words, not giving space, interchanging the words, or missing the letters or words in between. It is to mention that, KPH test is not similar to WPM. Usually, the typing standard measures 5 strokes per word. As we said, the average keystroke score per hour is 8,000+ characters. Therefore, 8,000 key depression in an hour converts 133 key depression in a minute.

Good Keystrokes per hour test

Keystrokes per hour

What is Keystrokes per hour?

Actually, the approximate count of good keystrokes per hour is more than 10,000 strokes (characters). Meanwhile, the average level of measuring KSPH is more than 8,000 strokes approximately. Normally, the people hiring for data entry jobs require the efficiency of good Keystrokes per hour rather than the average speed.

know about 10 Key data entry

Most of the Keyboards contain both the characters (alphabets) on the left side and number pads on the right side. In a few of the keyboards, they have only made up of number keys. It seems like a kind of number pad without an attachment of a keyboard. Here also we can conduct the keystrokes per hour test. Apart from the numbers or letters, keystrokes only measure the number of strokes. Thus, the speed of 10 numbers/keys is measured with the test of KSPH.

It is too complex to check the accuracy when we doing data entry. However, proofreading is extremely difficult when you try to read plenty of numbers. If your data only contains numerical details, your typing should have high accuracy. Hence, the KeyStrokes per hour test is required here. As the result of the test, 9000 Keystrokes per hour are minimally required. A maximum of 12,000 KPH with good accuracy results in a 98% typing score.

What is the difference between WPM and KSPM?

Generally, WPM (Words Per Minute) is used to measure the speed of reading the context. On the other hand, KeyStrokes Per Minute (KSPM) is used to measure the speed of typing certain words within a minute. Thus, the difference lies in reading and typing.

Final Words

Have you caught the points regarding KeyStrokes Per Hour in this article? To be a good data entry employer, you have to reach KSPH up to 14,000 strokes. Then only your score will get the majority to qualify in the profession. At the same time, accuracy is more important. Merely typing 12,000 – 14,000 strokes per hour is not considered a good speed when you have lower accuracy. So, concentrate on both and gradually increase the accuracy by taking a lot of KeyStrokes Per Hour Test.

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