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How to Join Discord Server? [Simple Methods]

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Join Discord Server: Hello, People! Today we are going to learn the most interesting Discord feature and how to access it easily. You will know about Discord if you are a gamer. Discord is one of the best solutions to link with thousands of people. It allows its users to access all its features like theme changing, font customization, access to another platform account on Discord, and so on.

Among these joining a server is one of them. You can easily join your favorite server with the server’s link. There are two different types of servers are available. They are Public Server and another one is Private Server. So, here we teach the simple procedure for joint both servers. You can use these steps to join your favorite servers.

Public server joining is a simple thing but joining a private server has some rules and restrictions. You should follow those restrictions to join any private servers. We will explain all the procedures as well as the rules below. So, keep reading this article to the end to know about Private and Public servers.

How to Join a Public Server on Discord?

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Do you think joining a server is too difficult? Nope, now you can easily join the server which is public. In Discord, there are a lot of public servers that are available which are discussed any particular topics. For example, Valorant, Genshin Impact, and World of Warcraft. Basically, Public Server is open to all.

To join any public server, follow the below simple steps. Here, you need not follow any rules and it has no restriction to join. So, you can easily join to Public Server with its invite link. 

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Join Discord Server
How to Join Discord Server?

Step 1:

On your Discord, go to the Explore Public Server tab.

Step 2:

Now, you can see your existing server where you join already.

Step 3:

Select the Browse option to search for the server that you want to join.

Step 4:

Then, enter the server and you will get an invite link from the server.

Step 5:

Using the invite link, you can join the server and communicate with other members.

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How to Join a Private Server on Discord?

As said before, joining a Private server is a little different from Public servers. Here, you have to follow some rules to join the server. This is not like a public server, you cannot find the private server from the public list. You can only join with its invite link. You can get it from the member who is on the server.

Step 1:

Open the Discord.

Step 2:

Click on the invite link to join the server.

Step 3:

Now, you can easily access the private server and communicate with other people.

With Discord, you can also create a more private server with your closed circle only. 

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Basically, the server connects different kinds of people in the same place. You can easily join the server that you want to join. From the above article, you will get the best guide to join the public as well as private server easily. If you want to join the private server, then you should have the server invite link. Or else, you cannot join the server. But, the public server allows all the people to join. Also, you can create a new server too for your own.

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