How to Get Jellyfin on Samsung TV?

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If you are searching for the Jellyfin app on your Samsung Smart TV, you can use this simple article to get the solution for streaming Jellyfin on Samsung TV.

Jellyfin is a free software media server application that allows users to manage and stream their media files. You can also customize the music, photos, and videos by period or by genre.

Moreover, you can also record shows for later use. To use Jellyfin on your device, you have to complete the Jellyfin setup for smoothly running on your device.

Do you want to install this application on your Samsung TV?

Then, this present article will guide you to stream Jellyfin on Samsung Smart TV.

Can I Get Jellyfin on Samsung TV?

No, you can’t get Jellyfin on Samsung TV.

The Jellyfin application is not available on the Smart Hub of your Samsung Smart TV. So, it is impossible to get the application on your streaming device.

This is heartbreaking news for Samsung TV users.

Moreover, you can’t install the Jellyfin app directly on your TV. But, you can use it alternatively on your device.

So, continue to read the article to get alternative ways to get Jellyfin on your big screen.

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How to Get Jellyfin on Samsung TV?

Jellyfin on Samsung TV
How to Get Jellyfin on Samsung TV?

As we came to know that we can’t directly get the Jellyfin app on Samsung TV. But we can stream it using alternative ways.

The Jellyfin application on your Smart TV helps you to watch and store your media files from your own server.

You can also organize your favorite TV shows by season, listen to music, and also automatically record the TV shows. Luckily, it is completely free to use and install on an unlimited number of devices.

You can get this media server app by installing the Bluestacks application on your TV. From there, you can install the Jellyfin application on your Samsung TV.

Using BlueStacks App

The following instructions will guide you to get the Jellyfin on your Samsung TV.

Step 1:

Power on your Samsung TV and connect with a stable internet connection.

Step 2:

From the home screen, move to the native App Store of your TV.

Step 3:

Search for the Bluestacks application using the on-screen keyboard on your smart TV.

Step 4:

Highlight the Bluestacks app and tap the install option to get the app on your Smart device.

Step 5:

After it gets installed on your device, go to the app section and choose the Bluestacks app.

Step 6:

Open the app and complete the login process on your Samsung TV.

Step 7:

Afterward, search for the Google Play Store on the Bluestacks app.

Step 8:

Open the Play Store and search for the Jellyfin app using the search icon.

Step 9:

Select the install option from the Jellyfin app.

Step 10:

Now, the Jellyfin app gets installed on your TV.

Step 11:

Open the app and complete the setup process on your Samsung TV.

Step 12:

Finally, the Jellyfin app on your Samsung TV is ready for use.

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Therefore, you can watch live TV and record your favorite shows from your own Jellyfin server on your Samsung TV.

Using the simple instructions mentioned in this article helps Samsung TV users to get the Jellyfin application without any struggles.

This is the best media server app available on the App Stores. If you installed it on your device, you will get a collection of media files in one place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jellyfin a free server?

Yes, Jellyfin is a free multimedia server application available on iOS, Android, and Roku devices. Moreover, it is completely free to use and you can install the app on an unlimited number of devices.

How to set up Jellyfin on Samsung TV?

First, install the Jellyfin app on your Samsung Smart TV. Then, go to the settings option on your TV screen and select the Server tab. Then, you need to add the IPTV Service provider’s URL and set up the server. After completing this process, you can begin to use on your Samsung TV.

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