How to Get Jellyfin on Apple TV?

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If you want to use Jellyfin on your Apple TV, this article will help you. And also, you can get an easy installation process to use them on your device.

Jellyfin is a free-to-use media software tracking application. This app helps us to organize and manage media files in a customized manner.

Additionally, you can record your favorite content using this smart application. Moreover, this application is compatible with many streaming devices.

Can I get this Jellyfin application on Apple TV?

Then, without any delay, let’s move on to the next section to get the answer to this question.

Can I Get Jellyfin on Apple TV?

No, you can’t get and use Jellyfin on Apple TV.

The Jellyfin application is not available on the Apple App Store of your Apple TV. So, you can’t use this server application on your Apple device.

But, we can get this application using an alternative method.

Do you want to install the Jellyfin app on your Apple TV?

The upcoming lines will provide the necessary details to complete the installation process without any struggles.

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How to Get Jellyfin on Apple TV?

As we know that the Jellyfin server is not compatible with the Apple device. So, we can’t install the app on your Apple TV using a straightforward method.

It is better to go ahead with an alternative method, using the screen mirroring method.

In this process, we need to screen mirror your iPhone to your Apple TV and you can get media files on your Apple TV.

Jellyfin on Apple TV
How to Get Jellyfin on Apple TV?

The following steps will help Apple device users to attain the process successfully. Let’s begin the steps.

Step 1:

Power on your Smart TV and connect the Apple device to your Smart TV.

Step 2:

Then, check that it has a stable internet connection.

Step 3:

on your iPhone, install the Jellyfin app from the App Store of your device and complete the server setup process.

Step 4:

Now, connect your Apple TV and iOS devices to the same internet connection.

Step 5:

Go to the control center of your iPhone.

Step 6:

Choose the screen mirroring option from the control center on iOS devices.

Step 7:

In this case, your iPhone will start to search for nearby AirPlay devices.

Step 8:

Choose your Apple device name from the search results.

Step 9:

The iPhone’s screen is now visible on the Apple TV’s screen.

Step 10:

Finally, open the Jellyfin app from your iPhone and use it on your Apple TV.

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How to connect Jellyfin Server?

Step 1:

Visit the web browser on your Smart device and create a Jellyfin server.

Step 2:

Open the Jellyfin app after creating the Jellyfin server.

Step 3:

Select the Enter Manually option under the Select Server option.

Step 4:

Provide the server address manually on the given field.

Step 5:

Highlight the Connect option to connect to the server.

Step 6:

Wait for a few seconds, until the server app connects to the server.

Step 7:

Finally, you can upload and use the media files using the Jellyfin server.

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The article about Jellyfin on Apple TV ended here. Using this article, you can’t install the Jellyfin media server on your Apple TV device.

The Jellyfin server on your Apple TV helps to collect all your photos, videos, and more in one place using the screen mirroring method.

To use this app on your device, you have to set the Jellyfin server app on your device.

Moreover, it is compatible with Android, iOS, and Roku devices. Additionally, you can get this app from the native app stores of these streaming devices.

Now, it is possible for you to enjoy all the features of the media server application on your streaming device. Luckily, it is free to use, so you can get this platform without any obstacles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any dedicated Jellyfin app for Apple TV?

No, there is no dedicated Jellyfin server app for your Apple TV. Suppose, you would like to get this application on your Apple TV, you have to use the AirPlay features using your iOS devices.

Is Jellyfin Server safe?

Yes, the Jellyfin app server is safe to use. Moreover, it doesn’t ask for permission or track your mobile number or any central servers that collect your data. So, anyone can install the app on compatible streaming devices.

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