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How To Download Java on Chromebook to Play Games like Minecraft?

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Hi guys, I’m here today with another interesting content. Guess what? Yes, the content is on how to install and use Java on Chromebook. Do you like playing java games like Minecraft? Then this content is for you. Come, let’s get into the content.

Before that let’s see what is Java and the purpose of installing it on a Chromebook. Java is a powerful programming language and computing platform by Sun Microsystems in the year 1995. It can run on a wide variety of hardware including your Chromebook. There are some applications and websites that will not work unless you have Java installed on your system.

Java is a fast, secure, and reliable language. From smartphones to supercomputers, Java is everywhere. People ask that can we run Java on a Chromebook? Yes, it’s possible to run Java on a Chromebook and it’s free to download on any system. What will I get by downloading a Java software? You will get Java Runtime Environment(JRE) and Java Virtual Machine(JVM) by downloading a Java software.

What are the purpose and use of downloading Java on a Chromebook? Well, if you want to play games like Minecraft, Warcraft, and some other cool games, you’ll need Java. By installing Java you can also run Java applications on your Chromebook. How do I install Java on my Chromebook? Well, that’s the sole purpose of this content.

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If you are ready, let’s get into the content on the methods of installing Java on Chromebook. Continue reading the below guide.

How To Download Java on Chromebook?

java on chromebook
how to Install java on chromebook

However, There are some applications, which require Java to run on your system. So, installing Java software on your Chromebook gives you access to more applications and websites. You will need to set your Chromebook in Developer mode in order to install Java software. And you will have to use the Crosh(command-line shell) to download and install Java on your Chromebook.

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Initially you will have to enable Javascript on your Chromebook. That can be done easily just by changing the settings on your Chromebook.

How To Enable Javascript on Chromebook?

Enabling Javascript is one of the easiest methods in the process of installing Java on your Chromebook. Just continue with the following steps.

STEP1: Tap on your profile picture at the lower right corner of the Chromebook.

STEP2: Click on the Settings(gear) icon to access the Chromebook settings.

STEP3: Scroll down to the last to access the Advanced Settings. Now, click on Show advanced settings option highlighted in blue color.

STEP4: Navigate to Privacy settings and click on the gray color Content settings button.

STEP5: You’ll see a pop-up window with Javascript given third in the list.

STEP6: Check off the circle next to ‘Allow all sites to run Javascript’.

Now, you have successfully enabled Javascript on your Chromebook. from now, any site you visit which requires Javascript will run within the Chrome browser on your Chromebook. You can change the settings at any time you wish.

But, if you want a full-fledged Java installation, there are some more steps to complete. Chromebooks are designed for people who only need access to basics. So, I remind you that your Java installation may be unstable or it may not work at all.

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Backup all Your Data

If you are stubborn in your Java installation then don’t forget to take a backup of all your data on Chromebook. Yes, Java installation may wipe all your data on your Chromebook. So, backup your data either to Google drive or to any external hard drives. I suggest you use Google Drive for your backup. As it’s based on cloud storage, you can access all your data from a variety of devices. All you require is to login-in with your Google account.

How to Install Java on Your Chromebook?

If you have put your Chromebook in the developer mode, it’s time to get into the process. Proceed with opening the command shell. It’s similar to the terminal you would use with your Windows and macOS. Press “Ctrl+ Alt+ T” keys to open the Crosh shell.

Now, type ‘shell’ which opens the full bash shell on your device. This enables you to run commands with Sudo. Now you can able to run commands as ‘root’ from your regular user account. Continue with the following commands.

STEP1: Initially, type sudo su and press Enter on your Chromebook.

STEP2: You will be now asked to type the password. Try these passwords chronos, chrome, facepunch, or password depending on your Chrome OS build. If you already have a password, enter it.

Next step to make the system file writable.

STEP3: Type ‘mount -o remount, exec, rw/’ and press Enter on the keyboard.

STEP4: Type ‘cd /home’ and press Enter again on the keyboard.

Now time to download the Java 8 application from Oracle website.

If you have 32-bit core device use the following link.

STEP5: Type ‘wget…undleId=106238 -Ojre.tar.gz’ and press Enter.

If you have 64-bit core device use the following link.

STEP6: Type ‘wget…undleId=106240 -Ojre.tar.gz’ and press Enter.

The process has not yet completed. Now, you have to extract the file you have downloaded.

STEP7: Type tar ‘zxvf jre.tar.gz’ and press Enter.

STEP8: Type ‘mv jre1.8’ and press enter.

STEP9: Type ‘cd/bin’ and press Enter. This command will open the executable folder on your device.

STEP10: Type ‘1n -s/bin/jre1.8.0_45/bin/java/bin/java’ and press Enter. (Don’t forget to replace the number 45 with the number of Java versions found on the website.

Congratulations, you have successfully installed Java on your Chromebook. Something can go wrong during the process.


That’s all guys. This is how you can install Java on your Chromebook. I hope the content will be useful and satisfactory. Java is a powerful programming language by which you can access a lot of Java games and applications. Java installation may not work on all Chromebooks due to compatibility issues. Now you have got a clear understanding of installing Java on your Chromebook. If your Chromebook freezes or stops working immediately abort the plan and restart your device.

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