How to Jailbreak PS4 to Unlock Free Games in 2022? [Complete Guide]

Jailbreak PS4: Nothing is impossible when you are ready to struggle with your full potential. Similarly, this article gives you the complete method to unlock your PS4.

In that way, you can install and play more games than ever at a meager price. Seemingly, PS4 is a popular and capable gaming console from Sony.

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Indeed, the console helps you to install and play various games and popular online media over the internet. What if you want a game or app that is out of the box?

Well, with the official firmware, it is entirely impossible to install third-party apps on your PlayStation 4 console. But you can bypass that limitation by jailbreaking the device.

Concerning that, the following article gives you the complete and simple methods to jailbreak and unlock your PS4. 

Can you Jailbreak PS4?

Jailbreaking a PS4 console includes both pros and cons. Seemingly, a jailbroken PS4 gives you more functionality in installing more third-party games than ever before. Of course, jailbreaking a PS4 is not a piece of cake.

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It includes more time and risk simultaneously. On the other hand, even though jailbreaking PS4 is unofficial and illegal, you get advantages like installing free games and ROMs, backward compatibility, and custom themes.

Similarly, it also includes disadvantages like saying goodbye to the PlayStation network, not being able to play online multiplayer, and have to forget about the device warranty.

With that being said, the next part of this article provides you with the methods to Jailbreak PS4. 

How to Jailbreak PS4?

Make sure that you have not updated your PS4 to the latest version. Because it is impossible to unlock the console with the latest software like 8.03 or 9.02. So ensure that your device is running the software version 6.72 or less than that.

You can refer to the official site of Sony for more clarification about your device’s software version. Seemingly, we are going to simply download and change the firmware on your PS4.

Jailbreak PS4
How to Jailbreak PS4?

The custom firmware for the low software versions is available over the internet. You will need a USB Drive with a minimum of 1GB space and extraction files like WinRar on your PC.

If you are okay with the above-given information, we shall enter the primary process of jailbreaking your PS4 console. 

Step 1:

Initially, you have to download the custom firmware from the internet on your PC.

Step 2:

Use the extraction file to extract the downloaded file and transfer the file to the root folder of your USB Drive.

Step 3:

Now insert the USB Drive into the PS4 console. Make sure you Turn Off the console before inserting the USB Drive.

Step 4:

Once after inserting the drive, Turn On your console and navigate to Settings –> System Update –> Update through Media Storage –> Download the Update

Step 5:

Once the update completes, your PS4 console will run on a custom firmware that you can verify by checking the software version on settings. 


That’s all. Now you have the jailbroken PS4 on your hands. With the jailbroken PS4, you can play any PlayStation game you wish that was impossible before.

You can also try changing the DNS settings before installing the custom firmware for more reliability. Make sure you get through both advantages and disadvantages before jailbreaking your console. I hope the above-given article will be helpful to do the desired thing. Have a great day. 

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