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How to Jailbreak MXQ Pro 4K Box Android TV? [Step By Step Guide]

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Everyone using third-party applications more and more. It has become more familiar nowadays. You can get these apps from the regular devices of Android, smart tv, windows, and laptops.

Sometimes, you can easily get the apps from the Play Store. But, sometimes you are unable to get the apps. From that time, you need to get the app using third-party apps.

In this article, you are going to get the source of MXQ Pro 4K. You can also jailbreak your appliance to install your favorite apps.

So, this article is going to elucidate the important information on how to jailbreak the MXQ TV box.

Prerequisite to Jailbreak MXQ TV Box

To jailbreak the MXQ TV box, you need to do some basic principles and prerequisites. It’s a respective source that helps you to install your app easily. To do this process, you can access it from your Android and iPhone.

The MXQ Pro 4K is related to Android TV. It has an option to jailbreak. For that, you need to use a beneficial device like Kodi.

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Occasionally, you need to download the apps. But, you can get the Kodi as an in-built option on MXQ TV. So, you can jailbreak it without any issues.

To jailbreak the MXQ TV, you have to use the downloaded option. Here are the simple steps.

Step 1:

To navigate, choose the “Settings” option from the MXQ TV box.

Step 2:

You have to click the “Preference option” in-between the options of Apps and Droid tv.

Step 3:

Next, select the “Security and Preferences” option.

Step 4:

This is a time to demonstrate the applications to jailbreak in the MXQ box.  And you need to install the third-party applications. So, choose the “Unknown Sources” option.

Step 5:

You can view many apps on the display. You have to enable Chrome. Finally, you can see Chrome’s turn on.

How to Jailbreak MXQ Pro 4K Box?

Here, In the details format, you are going to learn the simple steps to jailbreak the MXQ tv box easily. Let’s read the steps entirely without any issues.

Jailbreak MXQ Pro 4K

How to Jailbreak MXQ Pro 4K Box?

Step 1:

In your MXQ TV box, open the “Google Play Store”.

Step 2:

Search for the “Downloader” option and then choose it.

Step 3:

Now, select the “Install” option to jailbreak the MXQ Tv box.

Step 4:

After the installation is done, you have to launch the app on your home screen.

Step 5:

At last, from the Downloader option, your jailbreak process of MXQ is over.

Alternative Way to Jailbreak MXQ Pro 4K TV Box

Having a Google Play Store option, you can easily Jailbreak the MXQ TV easily. but you are not able to get the Play Store option, you need to use the alternative way.

This section is taking off to know the other ways to Jailbreak the MXQ TV box for your better experience.

There is another option to get a Downloader option from the website. So, to know the alternative method, follow the steps.

Step 1:

From your MXQ TV box, launch the “Chrome” option.

Step 2:

Here, you need to type the website of Downloader.

Step 3:

Now, install the “Downloader” app.

Step 4:

After the installation, you will launch the app, and you can easily use it to install third-party apps.

Final Verdict

This is all about the content on how to jailbreak the MXQ TV Box. It focuses on methods to jailbreak the MXQ Pro 4K. That is quite an easy and simple process.

The article presents the simple method to jailbreak the source. But, if you are not able to get an initial method, you can use the alternative method as well. This is so simple and easy to understand.

So, if you want to jailbreak the MXQ TV Box, without any further clarifications, you can use this article. Hope it will help you all the time.

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