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What Channel is ITVX on Virgin Media?

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In recent times, there is a question getting popular, what channel is ITVX on Virgin Media? If you also searching for means, you can refer to this simple article.

ITVX is a well-known streaming service in the United Kingdom. This service is a replacement for the aged ITV Hub. You can get thousands of movies, shows, blockbuster hits, and so on.

And also, this service become popular for its live TV shows. Moreover, this application is portable on many streaming devices and you can get it from Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Amazon App Store, and Roku Channel Store on your required streaming devices.

Do you want to watch your favorite on ITVX? Then, check this write-up to stream ITVX on Virgin Media.

Is it possible to get ITVX on Virgin Media?

Yes, it is possible to get ITVX on Virgin Media. You can watch and enjoy ITVX as an application on the Virgin Media box.

ITVX is available only as an application. And also, Virgin Media is provided with a satellite television provider and an on-demand service provider.

So, we can get the ITVX app from the on-demand section of the Virgin Media set-top box. And this is available only as an app version on your required set-top box.

Do you want to stream its content as a channel on Virgin Media? Then, the upcoming section will offer channels and their numbers to access them easily.

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What Channel is ITVX on Virgin Media?

Are you excited to get ITVX on Virgin Media? Follow the upcoming portions that will guide you to watch ITVX on the Virgin Media platform.

Unfortunately, ITVX is not available as a channel on the Virgin Media box. But, you can stream it using an application.

That means, you can’t stream as a channel but you can use it as an application for streaming your favorite content.

Do you like to watch as a channel? You can watch the ITVX content on its sister channels. Moreover, these channels are available on the box. They are ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, ITVBe, and CITV.

I know that you are unaware of the channel number of these channels to access it on your set-top box. Don’t get annoyed. The following lines will offer channel numbers on Virgin Media.

ITVX on Virgin Media
What Channel is ITVX on Virgin Media?

Streaming Service: Virgin Media

Channel name: ITV1

Airing on: 113

Channel name: ITV2

Airing on: 115

Channel name: ITV3

Airing on: 117

Channel name: ITV4

Airing on: 118

Channel name: ITVBe

Airing on: 119

Channel name: CITV

Airing on: 734

These channel numbers help you to watch all your favorite content of ITVX on these channels. Sometimes, the channel number gets changed for various locations.

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A Glance on Virgin Media

Virgin Media is a British telecommunication company that offers internet, telephone and television services in the United Kingdom.

This service starts on February 8, 2007 and its headquarters at Green Park in Reading, England. Moreover, it operated through an own fibre-optic cable network in the United Kingdom.

Instaed of its box, you can also use this as an application to get multiple features. Virgin TV cable service is the UK’s second largest pay TV service with 3.6 million subscribers.

This is also the UK’s largest provider of on-demand content with 3 million video-on-demand customers which has 6,500 hours of programming.

For using the Virgin Media platform easily, here are the subscription plans to stream without any obstacles. For additional information, you can also use Virgin Media about subscription cost and plan.

  • Big Bundle

This package cost £29.99 for a month. You will get 100+ TV channels.

  • Bigger Bundle

From this plan, you will get 190+ TV channels. The subscription cost of the bundle is £39 for a month.

  • Bigger Bundle + Sports

This plan offer you with 195+ TV channels. This pavk available at the subscription cost of £62 per month.

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Popular Shows on ITVX

ITVX is a popular video-on-demand service with exclusive new shows, blockbuster films, live events from thousands of setup boxes.

Moreover, this service become popular for their notable shows from different journals. Some of its shows are noted below.

  • A Spy Among Friends
  • Litvinenko
  • Benidorm
  • The Family Pile
  • Riches
  • Buffering


Thus, ITVX on Virgin Media article is concluded here. For sum-up, ITVX is not available as a channel on Virgin Mediua, but you can access it as a streaming application on the box.

Moreover, you can watch as a television channel using its sister channels on your device. So, we can able to watch all your favorites from ITVX without any struggles.

Moreover, Virgin Media has subscription plans for accessing the streaming channels without tension. I hope that, this article will convey the necessary information and it will guide you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ITVX available on Virgin Media?

Yes, ITVX is available on Virgin Media. This is rightly available as an application under the on-demand section of Virgin Media. You can access it easily using the subscription package of Virgin Media without any hindrances.

Why ITVX application is not working on Virgin Media?

Sometimes the ITVX application is not working on your Virgin Media box. This is happen due to some reasons and you will easily fix it using the following fixes.

  • Check the internet connection.
  • Update the ITVX app to the latest version.
  • Update your system software.
  • Check the power cycle.

These lines will help you to avoid problems with the ITVX app. If you use these fixes, you can get all your favorites without any obstacles.

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