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How to Watch ITVX on PS4?

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ITVX is a new and renovated on-demand and catch-up video platform and is one of the content richest video streaming applications in the United Kingdom.

This application is a collection of homegrown dramas, soaps, comedies, thrillers, and complete content from ITV and its partner networks.

ITVX allows its users to get ITV’s linear TV and rotating themed channels and also live news and sports. The compatible devices of ITVX are Android and iOS devices, Google Chromecast devices, and so.

It is available on multiple streaming devices. Can I get ITVX on the PS4 console? If you want this application on your console means, read the upcoming article which consists of easy methods to get ITVX on PS4.

Is ITVX on PS4?

No, the official ITVX app is not available on the PS4 console. So we can’t stream the ITVX app content on the PS4 gaming console.

This news will make you sad, especially for PS console users. Don’t get upset. There is another chance to get its content on your console.

You can watch the on-demand content using alternative methods. In this article, I will share the easy methods to use ITVX on PS4.

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How to Watch ITVX on PS4?

You can watch ITVX on PS4 using the Plex application installed on your Smartphones and PS4 gaming consoles.

Here are the easy steps to stream ITVX on the PS4 console. I hope that this is one of the time-saving methods to access the content on the console.

How to Watch ITVX on PS4?

Step 1:

Firstly, Switch on your Smartphone and install the Plex app from the respective app store and create an account on your Smartphone.

Step 2:

At the same time, install the ITVX app on your device and complete the Signup process.


Step 3:

Power on your PS4 console and connect to the internet connection.

Step 4:

Then, move to the respective App Store on the console.

Step 5:

Using the search icon, search for the Plex app on your console.

Step 6:

Now, highlight the Plex app and choose the install option on the PS4 console.

Step 7:

After it gets installed on your console, open the app and complete the activation process using the same ID which is used on your Smartphone.

Step 8:

Now, your Smartphone’s content is available on the Plex app on the console.

Step 9:

Finally, you can choose the ITVX app from the Plex app and stream it on the PS4 screen.

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Concluding Points

Here we conclude the article on ITVX on PS4. Unfortunately, the ITVX is not compatible with the PS4 gaming console. So, we can use the Plex app to access the content on the console.

And also, you can watch the ITVX content using the iMediashare app, screen mirroring app, and Google Chromecast device.

Sometimes, the ITVX app is not working on the PS4 console. If that happens, you can restart the console, update the ITVX app, and check that you logged in using the same account for both devices. Therefore, start to watch ITVX on PS4. Thank you for your golden time on this article.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does ITVX free to stream?

Without any doubt, the ITVX app is free to use. This ITVX application is available in free and paid versions. On the free version, you can catch up with less content. But, subscribing to the ITVX app means, you can enjoy all the content exclusively without ads. The monthly cost of the ITVX app is £3.99. A seven-day free trial is available on this app.

Can I access ITVX on PS4?

You cannot directly access ITVX on PS4. However, this ITVX application is not compatible with your PS4 console. So, we can use alternative methods to access its content. We can use the Plex app to stream the ITVX content on your console.

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