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How to Watch ITV Hub on PS4? [Updated 2022]

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ITV Hub on PS4: It is an on-demand video service. Also, you can watch on-demand TV and live shows on ITVBe, CITV, ITV1, ITV2, and ITV3. You can download this app on your Android and watch Live TV anytime at anywhere. Stream your favorite on-demand and live shows like Family Guy, and Love Island by downloading the app.

ITV Hub Streams sports, on-demand content, and live TV. Also, after 30 days of broadcast, you can access the content. You can watch Premiers, Full TV series, and exclusive first looks. Also, on the ITV Hub, you have 7 days free trial and it supports multiple devices. 

How To Watch ITV Hub on PS4?

At this moment ITV Hub on PS4 is not available. You don’t have an option to download the app on PS4. To stream many contents PS4 has many apps that include Netflix, BBC iPlayer and etc. Currently, ITV Hub is not available on the PS4. Alternatively, you can cast ITV Hub on PS4 using an Android device.

ITV Hub on PS4
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How to Watch ITV Hub on PS4?

How to cast ITV Hub on PS4 using Android?


Generally, on PS4 you cannot directly cast ITV Hub. So, you have to use a third-party app on your device to cast. This app is available on Android having version 5.0 (Android Lolipop) and later. Also, you can download the ITV Hub from the Google Play Store.

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Casting from Android to PS4, not all programs can connect. The two apps that help to cast the ITV Hub on PS4 are 

#1. Plex app

#2. iMediashare app

How to cast ITV Hub using the Plex app from your Android?

Generally, in just a second, Plex can do the work. Such as PS4, Plex is a screencasting application that allows the users to cast their phone to any device. Also, it supports the streaming of photos, movies, and videos. Basically, this is app is completely free to use but to record and watch over-the-air podcasts or Live TV you must avail of the plex pass. 

Steps to install and screencast:

Step 1:

Firstly, go to the Playstore and install the Plex app on your Android and sign up to the Plex free account. Remember or note your username and password for the Plex account.

Step 2:

On the Playstation, move to the app sections. Click Popular and search the App Plex. Once the app is installed, go to your home screen and then select “TV & Video” then “Plex“.

Step 3:

Then, select the Sign-in button, and using the browser access the link is shown on your screen. On your Tv enter the code by signing the account. Select the “Link” option to link the devices.

Step 4:

On your device run the Plex app and “Stay in Trial mode“. Before screen mirroring Android to PS4 you have to involve in the following process.

Step 5:

Then, select the Grant Permission and select the menu icon. And go to settings and then systems, and check the Advertise server => Show camera roll media => Network discovery.

Step 6:

Finally, you can see the ITV Hub on PS4 by screen mirroring.

How to cast ITV Hub using the iMediashare app from your Android?

On the Google Play Store, it is a free application and this app helps to connect your phone to another device. To your Audio system or Tv screen, It enables mobile users to easily play music, photos, and videos. You can stream ITV Hub to the PS4 easily. 

Steps to install and screencast:

Step 1:

Firstly, Go to the Playstore and install the iMediashare app on your Android.

Step 2:

Sign in to the app with credentials and launch it. 

Step 3:

Then, from the main interface, select what you want to stream.

Step 4:

On your screen move down to the bottom and on your phone to view the video files saved select “All Videos“.

Step 5:

Then, to mirror click the one you want to mirror and select “Choose a screen” on the new window.

Step 6:

From the available devices choose the console and to start the streaming process select on it. 

Step 7:

Finally, you can cast your favorite shows on the ITV Hub using the casting option and enjoy watching.


Can you ITV Hub on PS4?

No, you cannot directly download the app on your device as it has no support on the PS4. Basically, this app is not available or does not support the PS4.

How do I Download ITV Hub on PS4?

You cannot download the app on the PS4. PS4 does not support the ITVHub app. Alternatively, you can cast ITV Hub on PS4 using an Android device.


You can follow the above steps to watch them on the PS4. Generally, ITVHub is not available on the PS4 and alternatively, you can screencast to the device using Android by installing the third-party app.

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