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How to Invite People Discord? [Simple Guide]

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Invite People Discord: Hey Discord People! Nowadays Discord is a fast-growing platform. With Discord, you can chat with thousands of people without any boundaries. As well, it is one of the best sources for Gamers. Discord will help you to chat with your gaming crew while playing.

And, you can join any public server. You can access all Discord features like text chat, video chat, and so on. Sometimes we want to talk to our friends who are not using Discord. In this case, how can you chat with them on Discord? Don’t bother about it.

Now you can easily invite them to join on Discord. Yeah! Discord will allow you to invite your favorite persons to join on Discord or join any Discord Server. Also, the Inviting process is too simple. You can easily invite a person by sending an invite link directly from Discord. Keep reading this article to the end to learn more interesting facts about Discord.

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How to Invite People Discord?

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You can invite someone on Discord is really too easy. Also, you can do this in two different ways. One is you can directly invite the person from Discord. Another one is to copy the invite link from Discord and share it with any other platform. To Invite a person, follow the guide.

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Invite People Discord
How to Invite People Discord?

Step 1:

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To send an invite link, firstly launch Discord on your device.

Step 2:

Then, go to the Text or Voice Channel on Discord.

Step 3:

Now you can see the person icon nearer to the settings button, click on it.

Step 4:

You will redirect to the new window. Here, you can see the list of members and the invite button. 

Step 5:

Choose the person and send an invite link.

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Or else, copy the invite link and send it outside of the Discord. Also, you can easily join the Discord server with our guide How to Join Discord Server?


You can easily share the Discord Invite Link with anyone. To join any Discord servers, an invite link is enough. Also, you can share the link directly from Discord or copy the link and paste it on other platforms. Use the above-given procedure to learn the simple steps to send an invite link to others.

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