3 Simple Ways to Use Instagram on Roku [Updated 2022]

Dudes, it is always exciting and amusing while seeing photos and watching videos of people you know and love. Instagram is one such site that provides people with lots and lots of photos and tons of videos. So cool right! It’s jolly to pass time on Instagram. Watching Instagram on TV would be infinite fun. Do you have the idea of watching Instagram on Roku? Then, read this article on How to use Instagram on Roku connected TV.

About Instagram

Instagram on Roku
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Instagram is a social networking site owned by Facebook. The main purpose of Instagram is to share videos and photos with others on Instagram. There are around 32 languages available on Instagram. An Instagram user can upload their photos or videos by editing and adding effects using Instagram tools. You can even share them with geotags. And can also follow anyone and any number of people. You can communicate with your favorite celebrities, that too easily.

Features of Instagram

 Instagram is filled with numerous features. Some super features are:

  • Share photos and videos.
  • Boomerang videos.
  • Multiple number of effects.
  • Private account or public account.
  • Communicate with celebs.
  • Upgrade your shops via online sales.
  • Instagram live.
  • Reels.
  • Ads.
  • IGTV.

And lots of fun filled features that you don’t want to miss for sure!!

Is Instagram on Roku?

 Like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is not available on Roku. To use Instagram on Roku TV, one should do screen mirroring only. You can do screen mirroring very easily. The only possible way to use Instagram on Roku TV is by screen mirroring.

How to Sign up for Instagram?

Follow the below-given guidelines to sign up for Instagram via the Instagram app. You can download the App from the Play Store or from the App Store.

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Step1: Open the Instagram App.

Step2: Then Sign up by giving either your mobile number or mail id. Confirmation code appears.

Instagram on Roku

Step3: Enter the code and click on Next.

You can also Sign up Instagram with your Facebook account.

Step4: Type your username and password if your register newly and update the info needed. Or else it will tell you to log in to your Facebook account, if you are signing up via your Facebook account.

Hy Instagrammer! Welcome!!

How to use Instagram on Roku?

Do as per the instructions given below to get entertained by using Instagram on Roku:

Let’s ensure that the Roku device is ready for screen mirroring:

Connect your Roku on your TV’s HDMI port. Then the Roku device and the casting device should be linked to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step1: Power ON your Roku and Get into the Roku home screen using Roku remote.

Instagram on Roku

Step2: Open Settings and then select the System option.

Instagram on Roku

Step3: Click screen mirroring mode in screen mirroring.

Instagram on Roku

Step 4. Choose prompt or Always prompt.

Instagram on Roku

Now, your Roku device is ready for screen sharing.

Screen Mirroring Instagram on Roku using iPhone

For iPhone users,

Step5: Open your iPhone.

Step6: Swipe Up and Proceed to control center.

Instagram on Roku

Step7: Click on screen mirroring.

Step8: From the list appearing tap on your Roku device.

Step9: Now your iPhone screen will be appear on your Roku connected TV.

Step10: Open the Instagram app on your iPhone, it will be appear on your TV.

Cast Instagram on Roku using Android

For Android device users,

Step5: Get to your android’s Notification bar

Step6: Choose the cast option.

Step7: Click your Roku device on the list appearing.

Instagram on Roku

Step8: Binge using Instagram in a wider screen.

Step9: Open the Instagram on your Andriod Phone, it will be appear on your Roku.

Cast Instagram on Roku using PC

For PC users,

Step5: Via chrome login to your Instagram account.

Step6: Selectthe cast option in the three-dotted icons present at the right top corner on the Instagram page.

Instagram on Roku

Step7: Choose cast tab from the sources menu

Instagram on Roku

Step8: Click on your Roku device from the list.

Step9: Now Instagram is on a bigger screen compared to your PC.

It’s time to experience a wide range of fun in a larger screen.

Sums Up

Instagram is so cool to use. And you don’t know how time flies on using Instagram. Now, you entertain yourself by getting the use of all Instagram features on Roku TV by following the above-mentioned way. Let’s say cheese! Click and upload!!

Thank you!!!

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