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How to Install and Use iFit on Roku?

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iFit on Roku: Without any doubt, we are carrying our life online. At this point, everything is possible via the internet.

We can get everything delivered to our doorstep by ordering online. In that way, it is also possible to complete your exercises online.

Seemingly, the problem is that we have no time to care for our health in this hyper era. Only consistent input can give you a productive outcome.

Exercise is one such thing that requires consistent input on a daily basis. There may be certain reasons to avoid the gym. How would it be to bring your gym and trainer online?

Yes, this concept has been put into reality by the team of iFit. Indeed, iFit is an app that has been made to focus on providing online fitness classes.

The following article explores the possible ways to install and use iFit on Roku. Proceed reading to explore more about iFit and its benefits. 

About iFit

In simple words, iFit is an online fitness app to complete your workouts directly from your home. Seemingly, it allows you to access a live session where you can interact with world-class trainers.

Moreover, the iFit app has over 1000+ on-demand videos. Furtherly, you can get guides on various workouts like cardio, full-body, abs, butt, yoga, running, cycling, treadmill, and much more.

The specialty of the iFit app is that it includes special workout videos and trainers for both men and women separately.

It is not necessary to have iFit-enabled equipment to do your workouts. The iFit app lets you monitor and keep track of your traveled distance, consumed calories, burnt calories, diet, and much more. 

Subscription Plans

  • Monthly Individual – $15/month 
  • Yearly Individual – $144/year
  • Monthly Family – $39/month 
  • Yearly Family – $396/year

How to Install and Use iFit on Roku?

Fortunately, the iFit app is directly available on the Roku Channel Store. You can install the app directly and start your workout at the place where you feel comfortable. Make sure that you have subscribed to iFit before getting into the primary installation procedure. 

iFIT on Roku
How to Install iFIT on Roku?

Step 1:

Initially, Turn On your Roku device and ensure that the device has an active internet connection. 

Home Screen of Roku
Home Screen of Roku

Step 2:

Then, navigate to the Streaming Channel section.

Select the Streaming Channels on Roku
Select the Streaming Channels on Roku

Step 3:

Use the search bar to find the iFit app.

Step 4:

Pick out the official app and click on the Add Channel button.

Step 5:

The desired app will be installed on your Roku device within a few minutes.

Step 6:

Open the installed app and sign in with your iFit account credentials to start your workout. 

How to Get iFit on Roku via Casting?

There may be instances where you can’t find the iFit app on your Roku Channel Store. Seemingly, you can use Google Cast or Apple Airplay as an alternate method to access iFit on Roku. 

Step 1:

Initially, enable Screen Mirroring or Airplay on Roku, depending on your device.

Step 2:

Then, connect your smartphone or PC and Roku device to the same Wifi connection.

Step 3:

Then, install the iFit app on your Android/iOS device or navigate to the official iFit website on your PC. 

Step 4:

Launch the installed iFit app and complete the signup process.

Step 5:

Enable the Screen Mirroring option on your smartphone and choose the Cast option on your PC’s browser.

Step 6:

Choose the name of your Roku device on the respective devices.

Step 7:

Now you will be able to see the iFit app and its content on your Roku screen. 


Can I get iFit on Roku?

Yes. The iFit app is officially available for all types of Roku streaming devices. Roku users can easily install the desired app from the Roku Channel Store and start using the app by signing in with their iFit account credentials.

Is iFit free on Roku?

No. iFit is a subscription-based fitness app. Seemingly, it has four types of subscription plans. The basic monthly plan for an individual starts at $15 per month.


Here comes a few concluding points to our today’s article. iFit is an amazing app that provides online fitness and workout classes.

Seemingly, this app is a boon for fitness freaks who can’t start their day without going to the gym. I hope the above-given article will be clear and helpful in installing the iFit app on your Roku device without any hassle. 

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