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How to Install and Use iFit on Firestick? [Simple Guide]

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iFit on Firestick: In this 21st century, we live amidst IoT devices. Seemingly, everything we do is undoubtedly online. In that way, now it is possible to bring your fitness too online. Even though we live in a hyper era, it is essential to take care of our health.

Of course, we may be doing our exercises, but the thing is that how much we are consistent. Unfortunately, due to the prevailing pandemic, we cannot visit the gym to complete our daily workouts. However, we have online services where we can use the online services that provide online fitness programs.

One such app is iFit. It is an app that focuses on delivering online health and fitness classes. This article gives you the methods to install the iFit app on your Firestick device. Whether the iFit app is available on Firestick? Let’s explore everything about it in the following article. 

What is iFit?

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In simple words, iFit is an online service that helps to improve your health from the rest of your home. If you have used the Peloton app, you might experience the same thing with the iFit app. Here you can get fitness programs for various types like cardio, yoga, abs, cycling, walking, rowing, meditation, strength, and more. You can make use of everything mentioned above with the all-in-one iFit app.

As a result, you will be getting live and interactive workout sessions at our home. You can install the iFit application on compatible workout equipment like treadmills, rowers, bicycles, and ellipticals. With the iFit app, you can track your diet, burnt calories, consumed calories, traveled distance, and much more. The iFit app can be installed on Android, iOS, Apple TV, Android TV, Google TV, and Firestick.

How to Install iFit on Firestick?

iFit on Firestick

How to Install iFit on Firestick?

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With the iFit app, you can do the workout place where you feel comfortable. Moreover, it is not necessary to have exercise equipment to do your exercise. You can even do your workout without high-class equipment. Every iFit member will get a personal trainer according to the training you choose.

iFit is offering three types of subscription plans for its members. The first one is a monthly subscription that you can avail of for $39/month. A family plan costs you $390/year. You can also choose an individual annual plan for $180/year. Now let’s get into the methods of installing iFit on Firestick. 

Step 1:

Firstly you have to connect your Firestick to the internet connection and navigate the home screen.

Step 2:

Then click on the Finder option and search for the iFit application using the on-screen keyboard. 

Step 3:

Select the official iFit app and click on the Get button to install the application on your device.

Step 4:

Once after the installation of the app, Open the app from the My Apps&Games section.

Step 5:

Then, using a PC or laptop, navigate to the iFit activation page.

Step 6:

There you have to verify and activate your Firestick.

Step 7:

Once after the activation, you can start using the iFit app on your Firestick device.


Is iFit available on Firestick?

Yes, there is an official iFit application on the Amazon app store. Firestick users can directly install the iFit app and start using it with a subscription.

Is iFit free?

No, iFit is for free usage. It is subscription-based. You have to opt for any of the subscriptions plans offered by iFit to access the app on your device.


Here you will get the concluding points of our today’s article. iFit is one of the most fantastic and valuable online fitness services. iFit is a boon for us, especially in this pandemic. I hope you have an idea regarding the iFit app and the methods to install it on your Firestick. The primary thing is that the iFit app is available on multiple platforms, including Firestick. So use the respective service in this pandemic and live in a hyper situation. 

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