How to Download and Install iEMU APK for Android?

Hi guys, today I’m here with another interesting content. Guess what? Yes, the content is on how to install iEMU APK on Android. Persons in the technical field might know what is mean by iEMU APK and what I’m trying to convey.

Before getting into the topic, let’s get to know in short about iEMU APK and what is it. iEMU was a project on getting an iOS booting on QEMU that is Android devices. The real codename for the iEMU emulator is Padoid. The project was aimed to support all devices.

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With this emulator, you can experience the iOS UI on Android devices. That too without buying an iPhone. Having an iPhone has become a luxury nowadays. At times we don’t have an iPhone in our hand, but we wish to use its wonderful apps.

iEMU emulator makes it possible. With the advantage of this emulator, now you can use the iPhone apps on your Android device. There are some people who can’t afford for buying an iPhone. If you are one among them, this content is for you.

People ask how to install the iEMU emulator on our Android devices. Well, that’s the sole purpose of this content. In this context, you will get detailed instructions on how to install the iEMU emulator.

So, continue reading the below guide fully to clarify your queries. Are you ready to experience the world of iOS? If yes, then let’s get into the content on how to install iEMU or Padoid APK on Android.

What is iEMU/Padoid APK?

In simple words, the iEMU APK is an open-source Android emulator. It makes you get an iOS experience in an Android device. Yes, by using this emulator you can run iOS apps and UI in your Android devices. But, the iEMU emulator is not powerful enough to stimulate all the features.

As like side effects in medications, using this emulator you can run only selected apps on Android devices. It all depends on the capabilities of your devices. But, a good thing with the iEMU emulator is that it can run on almost all the Android devices. Some of the Android devices like Samsung devices require root access for installing the emulator.

As the iEMU emulator is open-source software, you can’t install it from Google play store as of normal apps. You have to download it from third-party websites. Even though the emulator does not harm your device, don’t forget to run an antivirus while installing the emulator.

It can save and keep secure your device from malware attacks. As of nowadays, malware is getting so strong. So, taking a precautious measure to safeguard your device is always better.

Everything is fine, why do we need to install the iEMU APK? What’s special with it and what do we get of installing the emulator? Well, let’s get clarify these queries in the following content.

Why do we need to install iEMU APK?

Many people ask that, why do we need the iEMU emulator? Is there any issue with using Android devices? Well, the answer is human nature. The curious mentality of humans to invent and try out new things.

Likewise, its the curiosity of all Android users to experience the features in iOS devices. The iEMU emulator brings it possible to use the apps and games on iOS in your Android devices. I suggest iEMU APK because it is one of the most popular and secure emulators. And it is also tested by a lot of Android users to stay on the safe side.

Features of iEMU APK

The features of the iEMU APK can make you understand and feel secure about the emulator.

  • User-friendly interface
  • The most secure iOS emulator at the moment
  • Easy to install as its an open-source software
  • Requires only low storage
  • Easy to navigate
  • Easy to download and install
  • Compatible with all the Android devices

These features of the iEMU emulator make it the most secure and popular iOS emulator at moments.

Requirements to install the Padoid APK

Let’s see what are the requirements in order to download and install the iEMU APK. Because if your device fails to satisfy the requirements, you can’t install the iEMU APK on your Android device. The following are the minimum requirements to install the emulator on your device.

  • First and foremost, a secure internet connection
  • Must have 1GB or 512GB of RAM
  • Free internal storage space of at least 80MB
  • Must have a device with higher than 3.0 Android version

If you are ready with the requirements, then let’s get into the process. Continue reading the following guide.

How to Install iEMU APK on your Android device?

As said already, iEMU APK is an open-source emulator, so, you have to be very careful while downloading it from third-party websites. Download the APK from a genuine website and continue with the step by step process.

iEMU APK Donwload for Android
iEMU APK Download

Installing and configuring the emulator is easy compared to finding a genuine emulator. Continue with the following steps to install the iEMU APK on your Android device.

STEP1: Go to your device settings and give permission to ‘Install from unknown sources’ option.

STEP2: Navigate to the folder where you have saved the APK.

STEP3: Click on the APK and install it.

STEP4: Once you are done with installing the application, restart your device if required.

The iEMU icon will appear on your screen after restarting your device. Click the icon and simply start downloading the iOS apps and games on your Android device.


That’s all guys. This is how you can install the iEMU or Padoid APK on your Android device. I hope you would find the content useful. Using the above-given steps you can easily install the emulator and get into the world if iOS. Since the iEMU emulator is an open-source emulator you can easily install on your Android devices. You can start using the apps from the moment you finish installing the emulator. Stay on the track and update yourself with technology.

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