Download iCloud for Windows 10/7/XP

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If you are looking to Download iCloud for Windows 10/7/8/XP. Then, you are in the right place to download it. Here you can get all the information about iCloud and the procedure to Install it. Most user has a doubt that how to use iCloud for Windows. Also, you can get a solution in the below guide.


Most iPhone users would have aware of iCloud and how to use it. If you are new to the iPhone and want to know about iCloud. Then check out here to back up all your details on iCloud.

Actually, iCloud backups all your data on its cloud for safety. In case your phone got crashed or lost then you can retrieve the data from iCloud.


You will be in need of an Apple ID to access iCloud. Actually, iCloud has some limitations in memory space according to their plans. If you are in need of more space then you have to pay for the storage.

Windows users can create an account on their device in a minute and start using it.

You can get check it out below.

iCloud for Windows
How To Download iCloud for Windows 10/7/XP?

How to Download and Install iCloud for Windows?

Step 1:

Open the browser on your PC Windows.

Step 2:

Click here to Open the microsoft Webpage

Step 3:

There you can find an option as Get.

Step 4:

It will ask you to Sign In.

Step 5:

If you have an account enter the details and Log In. Otherwise. Click on Create one to create a new account.

Already I have an account. So, i am logging in. Just follow the below to create a new account.

Step 6:

Enter your mail address and Password

Step 7:

click on Sign In.

Step 8:

Now, It will begin installing the iCloud on your Windows.

You can find the iCloud app on your PC. That, it. now you can start using iCloud on windows and back up all your photos, and videos on it. For more support check out the article from Apple.

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How to Create an iCloud account on PC?

Step 1:

Open Gmail on your Windows PC

Step 2:

Click on Create account.

Step 3:

Enter all your information and sign up for a Gmail Account.

Step 4:

Then, Move on to iPhone.

Step 5:

Open Settings

Step 6:

Select iCloud.

Step 7:

There you can find a list of applications. In that Click on Email.

Step 8:

Just select the toggle to turn on it.

Step 9:

A pop up appears on the screen with an option to Create. Click on Create.

Step 10:

Now, Enter the email address you have created.

That’s it. you have created an account on Windows PC. By using the Email Address you can login on to your Microsoft account and start using iCloud.

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How to Use iCloud for Windows PC?

Open the iCloud app on your Windows PC. On the left sidebar of the application, you can find a list of tabs like iCloud drive, photos, and much more. In that, you can choose an option according to your needs.

In Fact, If you want to download or view images on your iCloud. Then, move on to the iCloud photos and there you can find uploaded photos in it. Just double-click on it to Open.

Next on to iCloud Drive

What is iCloud Drive and what it contains?

iCloud Drive is a simple folder that contains all the files, docs, folders, and much more. It contains only the file type format.

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Final Words

iCloud is the most innovative idea that came up from iPhone developers. It has been the most useful for the user having highly secured data on their phone. It will be hard if you lost your phone with high secured data. But you can retrieve the data from iCloud and download it on your iPhone in a minute. To open your iCloud account it will require your Apple ID and password. Hope that you got iCloud for windows PC and started using it. For more tips & tricks Visit

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